Where Do You Start? Teaching Direct Marketing to College Students

What’s the best approach to engage college kids in understanding direct marketing? 

3 Types of Bias You’ll Confront in Consumer Research

You’ll never obtain 100% objective results from your consumer research. There will always be some trace presence of bias.

Consider a New Direct Mail Strategy of Turning a 'No' to 'Yes'

I read a book recently called “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss. It’s all about negotiating skills.

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Content Marketing

I read a book recently called “Never Split The Difference” by Chris Voss. It’s all about negotiating skills.

Successful content marketing campaigns are produced as a result of a consistent strategy, which is integrated throughout the company.

As a search consultant, I am always looking for how to improve a site’s organic search performance.

Marketing Automation & CRM

I recently caught up with Dan McDade, a longtime B2B practitioner in lead qualification and nurturing.

Here’s how to take martech from an overused buzzword to a relevant intersection of marketing and technology.

As marketing leaders, we sometimes inadvertently lead our teams astray in demand generation efforts.

Marketing Strategy

At the ANA International ECHO Awards last year, many of my judging colleagues saw this Destination Pride campaign from PFLAG Canada.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laid the foundation for privacy legislation in…

Being the change needed in your world takes courage. It can be risky.

Measurement & Metrics

Unable to escape the deluge of political marketing overflowing my inbox, I’ve started wondering how the consultants justify their fees.

I presented at the All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo on the topic of targeting and automation.

How long does it take for a logical, clear-headed, money-conscious, well-informed consumer to overcome inertia and move to OTT?


This week, Miller Lite announced a new tech item: the Cantroller.

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday so, why IHOP felt it was a good idea to post the following Mother’s Day tweet is a mystery.

This week, the home of the Whopper debuted a new line of “Real Meals” with the tagline that “No One Is Happy All the Time.”


Learn how internal links play a significant role in how high your website ranks in SERPs.

Learn how to identify and fix site-speed issues that may be slowing your business growth.

Want to rank higher in Google’s local map results? Then you need to learn how and why to add structured data to your website.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

Direct mail marketing can be fun! The more interactive it is, the better your results are going to be.

Sometimes direct mail marketing is really fun. Have you ever opened a can of worms? I did, and it really was a can of worms.

Over time, mail pieces become boring and less effective, because we end up repeating the same formats.


Yes, data is an asset. But not if the data doesn’t generate any value.

We should ask: What’s the nature of the “violation” or “privacy”?

Branding, Agency & Creative

Selecting a TLD is a marketing conversation that hinges on your brand, your message, and your audience.

Digital marketers see future lifetime value is always bigger when you’re going to live another 50 to 70 years.

Human beings have one thing in common: We love great storytelling with compelling characters. The best brands connect using stories.


A new mechanism has emerged to help B2B buyers who are searching online for products and solutions: Ratings and reviews sites.

Seasoned CMOs have all experienced it. A downturn in business and the sales EVP comes to the CMO and asks for one or more items.

Marketers need to know something about their target audience and how to paint an accurate picture of their ideal customers.


If you think that it has gotten harder to achieve organic search success, you may be right.

In the last two months alone, two significant updates have occurred to the Google algorithm — creating volatility in the search results

Some even claim that human behaviors are just algorithmic responses developed over past 70,000 years or so.

Online Marketing

E-commerce has had to overcome several barriers in its relatively short lifespan.

It takes a lot of strategy and creative energy to run a successful affiliate marketing program. However, most brands discover that the

My small apartment building’s lobby is a testament to these changing behaviors.


Are you ready to get more out of your direct mail campaigns? Direct mail can be enhanced by adding Informed Delivery, see how.

The increased volume of data-driven marketing initiatives have taken digital marketing to the top spot in the media universe.

It’s the junk food of marketing. We all know that the email batch and blast practice really isn’t good for anyone.

Social Media

I thought I was pretty clever when someone told me about leaving Facebook. I said, “Wow, you’re one-year Facebook sober.”

There, once again, is the age-old privacy paradox, which predates our digital selves.

In order to think like a customer, you have to tap into their their decision-making. At the heart of this topic is social proof.