Investing in Artificial Intelligence: The Present and Future of Retail Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the new Wild West. As marketers organizations learn to harness its value, its potential uses are endless.

AI in the Near Future: Dr Merlin Stone on the Parallels of Marketing and Medicine

Today AI is used to cure medical and marketing problems. Data is the common thread. Dr.Merlin Stone, illuminates their parallel worlds.

Marketing Success Sans ‘Every Breath They Take, Every Move They Make’

Last month, I talked about how to measure success when there are many conflicting goals and available metrics flying around (refer to

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Measurement & Metrics

Today AI is used to cure medical and marketing problems. Data is the common thread. Dr.Merlin Stone, illuminates their parallel worlds.

Last month, I talked about how to measure success when there are many conflicting goals and available metrics flying around (refer to

My team often engages in client projects designed to improve marketing outcomes. Many times, clients describe their primary objective

Marketing Strategy

Growing marketers must inevitably decide what markeitng operations to centralize and what to decentralize.

AI has dominated 2018. But, an increasing number of real-world examples is proving that it’s much more than a buzzword.

With the advent of browser push notifications, publishers now have a new channel to directly connect…

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

Smart brands today are using digital print to bring many of their online marketing techniques into their customers’ homes.

Yes, we are saying that more mail pieces actually get you less as far as results go with direct mail. Don’t be fooled by the notion

Why do I love self-mailers? They are really versatile and allow you plenty of room for creativity to grab attention quickly. You can


Learn the truth about whether or not SEO is dead or dying.

Learn why Ahrefs is one of the top SEO tools available to help get your website ranked higher in Google.

Learn how to use Screaming Frog to find the most common SEO mistakes, so you can fix them and move on to other pressing matters.


Email marketing is going on 20 years as a viable direct marketing channel.

Do your follow-ups try to convince prospects to take an action? Instead, your prospect should convince themselves to take action.

Here are three rules that make the difference between acceptable open and click-through rates and breakthrough email marketing success.

Content Marketing

You expect a zig but your prospects zag. How to prepare for outliers and other unexpected opportunities in your content marketing. 

Understand your target audience and you will be more effective in your marketing and to others within your organization.

Content marketing is about conveying ideas and visuals that help you strengthen your content’s ability to make its point.


What really is big data? Understand the different types of data to help determine how they might be used together to provide the answer

Not all search queries are alike — there are “search data voids.” That is, there are many search terms where there is little quality or

Social Media

Your sales lead follow-up drip email sequence adds value. So how many conversations with buyers result? Not many? Here’s why.

With the popularity and increasing influence of social media, marketers are rushing to select or create just the right hashtags to add

Target Marketing readers obviously like to be “connected,” and displayed an unusual interest in a piece a few months ago which was not

Online Marketing

Amazon shopping is its own beast. When I moved to Brazil, any mention of “Amazon” immediately conjured up visions of this great river

The recent SCOTUS tax ruling may have effectively removed “physical presence” for e-commerce retailers as a nexus standard for

Shopping preferences of men and women are diverging as each gender responds differently to…

Marketing Automation & CRM

The old way of “house-holding” is relevant when making some household purchases, but it’s not relevant for individual purchases.

A year ago, most companies had no clue where all of their customer data resided, let alone whether or not it was secure. With the imple

Lead generation is a major goal of B2B marketing departments. Let’s review the top tools and techniques to find B2B prospects today.


“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is summer’s latest blockbuster, and a geolocation AR app may just be its secret marketing weapon.

When brands or businesses we’ve patronized for years change products, names, offerings or merge with other brands, we often see change

For the past 18 months, there have been warnings about the advent of mobile-first indexing. On March 26, Google announced that it has

Branding, Agency & Creative

Accountability — for perhaps decades too long — was relegated second-class status by general advertising and creativity worship.

If an agency today is not proving its command of creative, data and relevance, then it’s not proving its presence as a business driver

Marketers are testing DRTV to scale acquisition but are disappointed by the results. Here are 3 tips for a successful DRTV test.


If you’re in control of marketing and you’ve ignored the direct mail channel – you may be making a mistake.

Internet marketing is easy and cheap. That’s all the more reason to use it judiciously.

If you’re responsible for Medicare marketing, you are already prepping for the the Fall … but it’s time to rethink your approach.


It broke my heart when I read the recent blog post “B2B Media, The Ethics Virus & The Pursuit of Consumer-Grade Experiences.”

Some marketers keep their distance from customer data. When I ask what kind of customer information they work with, I hear very little.

Most sales reps are turning to software vendors claiming email communication expertise. Yet The tips and advice are garbage.