What’s the Secret to Managing Digital Nomads and Remote Teams?

For businesses that want access to the best marketing talent, it’s nearly impossible to look past freelancers and digital nomads.

Marketers Must Take Stock of Their Data-Driven Power Now

With the 2020 elections already underway, social media marketing is in the spotlight.

Financial Institutions Can Put Artificial Intelligence to Much Better Use

Financial institutions can use AI to deliver to customer-facing advisers the client right information at the right time.

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Marketing Strategy

For businesses that want access to the best marketing talent, it’s nearly impossible to look past freelancers and digital nomads.

The new generational wave about to enter the workplace is fiscally conservative, career-oriented and hoping to be in their dream job.

I’ve put on my marketing and marketing technology prediction hat to share three trends with you.


With the 2020 elections already underway, social media marketing is in the spotlight.

There, once again, is the age-old privacy paradox, which predates our digital selves.

Last month, I talked about factors marketers should consider for attribution rules. Here, I would like to get a little deeper.

Content Marketing

Your website can help you bridge the divide that often exists between sales and marketing teams. Here’s how.

Connecting with your B2B audience on an emotional level may not be as easy as for many B2C marketers, but it’s just as important.

Why do so many marketers choose the path of least resistance, which often means communicating more, rather than better.

Direct Mail, Print & Postal

In order to create direct mail campaigns that ignite more response you need to ask the right questions at the planning stage.

The best direct mail marketing is able to communicate your message in a way that is understood, remembered and acted upon.

Start your 2019 year off right with a better direct mail marketing strategy.

Branding, Agency & Creative

All across the nation, the healthcare delivery system is consolidating, producing organizations with larger geographic footprints.

Writing a branding plan can be like building a house: foundation, floorplans, decorations. Think of a house as an analogy for a brand.

The holidays can bring out feelings of anxiety and loneliness. Can your brand play a role in building up meaningful social connections?


Google Trends can help brands find additional keywords to target popular promotional ideas.

Bad brand reputation happens fast on the web. Google urges SEOs to focus on building quality sites that provide a good user experience.

Learn how to optimize your website for voice search (VEO) to ensure your website ranks when prospective customers are searching.

Marketing Automation & CRM

Bad things happen when sales reps ignore all of the insights their organization’s marketers place in the CRM system.

Lead generation metrics should help you understand what is working and what is producing the highest-quality leads.

The January marketing calendar in New York has included for the past decade or so a certain can’t-miss DMCNY event.


To better engage and monetize your audience, you have to know your audience.

Is sales email tracking software sabotaging B2B sellers ability to produce? Is it counter-productive to generating sales outcomes?

Does the appropriate person cold email technique work? It seems to depend on what you sell and to whom. There’s plenty of debate.


Learn how to maximize the role of social media in B2B advertising to effectively build brand engagement.

The top reason I love my work is the fascinating people I have the privilege to meet.

I studied the best InMail campaigns over the last year. This is what I learned is effective (and ineffective) from our clients.

Measurement & Metrics

Last week, I had a dream — and in it, Karen Carpenter and I were friends. The following night, I had a similar dream.

After each campaign effort, a good database marketer is supposed to study “what worked, and what didn’t,” using attribution rules.

Here’s more about the awards, from the Silver Apple honorees themselves.

Social Media

In order to think like a customer, you have to tap into their their decision-making. At the heart of this topic is social proof.

Recently, I was on a train when I saw a connection request on LinkedIn from a former colleague of mine initiating a job search.

Fast-forward a few decades and we’ve got the algorithmification of everything, including marketing.


The USPS has brought back promotions for 2019. Do you have a planned strategy to not only save money on postage, but really stand out?

Direct mail is a very effective marketing channel; however, when you add a mobile element such as AR to it, you can skyrocket results.

Mobile conversions should be happening all day. It’s not a stretch to say that we are slaves to those little rectangular pieces of tech


Addressing personal values matters in B2B marketing — more than most might think.

Understanding customers’ struggles, motivations, and emotional memories can reveal insights deeper than what Big Data can provide.

Provide a seamless user and customer experience across devices and channels.

Online Marketing

Because it cannot guarantee against a work stoppage, UPS can’t afford to put its customers’ volume at risk of being stranded.

Proper planning before you begin building your website will make the process smoother and the resulting site much more effective.

A targeted, multi-channel social video strategy enables marketers to take greater control in driving results during the holiday season.