Wikus Engelbrecht

Wikus Engelbrecht
Leveraging Pinterest to Benefit Email Marketing Campaigns

Much to everyone's surprise, the runaway hit social networking site at the turn of 2012 isn't Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. It's Pinterest, the latest social media craze that seems to have captured everyone's attention. While Pinterest has been around for a while, marketers need to begin establishing a presence on the platform as it's really just starting to ignite.

5 Best Practices for Increasing Subscriber Engagement

There's lots of hype surrounding email engagement, yet everyone has a different opinion on what that really means. In practice, we can only influence people while they're engaged with us, but engagement doesn’t happen automatically or overnight. It takes time and work, and is a slightly different process for every kind of business.

6 Email Marketing Predictions for 2012

As 2011 draws to a close, our thoughts race ahead to the campaign plans of tomorrow. What should the forward-thinking email marketer be considering as part of their email program for 2012? To help with this question, here are some predictions for email in 2012:

Best Practices for Building Your Email List

The best email marketers use the power of words and images to draw a response from their subscribers. Their persuasive qualities lead to sales, registrations, downloads and a host of other positive actions that can make any email marketer’s heart jump. All of which is utterly meaningless if you don't have anyone to mail to.

How to Make Sure Your Email Gets Delivered

Email delivery rates aren't vanity metrics; they're money in your pocket. There's no greater return on investment-defining figure than the number of successful deliveries your emails accumulate. It's easy to understand that improving your delivery rate equals more conversions. What's more, any incremental increase in your email delivery rate has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Mobile's Global Revolution

In recent years, the mobile revolution has been winning the West (well, let's be honest, the North, East and South in no small measures as well) as the spread of smartphone devices has become more popularized and affordable. Whereas barely a decade ago the term "BlackBerry" was mainly associated with fruit. Times have changed, and mobile marketing has become a promotional practice with outstanding reach and potential.

Leveraging the Power of Integrated Email and Social Media Marketing

For business owners, it's often difficult to fully comprehend the real values of email and social media. These are vulnerable to new developments in technology, internet practices and cultural trends. It's not about what businesses view as the most important promotional tool for their SMB, it's really a question of what produces the best results.