Tracy Gill

Tracy Gill
New York Restoration Project’s Susan Madden on Direct Mail Fundraising

Online fundraising may be a concept on the mind of most development professionals right now, but don’t discount the essential role that direct mail plays, and will continue to play, for nonprofits, contends Susan Madden, director of development for New York Restoration Project (NYRP). Founded a decade ago by entertainer Bette Midler, NYRP seeks to clean and restore community gardens, open spaces and parks in New York City’s underserved neighborhoods. For Madden and her team, direct mail is key to accomplishing these goals, helping them raise funds, grow their donor programs and keep current donors involved with, and aware of, NYRP’s programs. Madden now pauses

Vertis’ Dave Colatriano on Soft Proofing

Recently, Target Marketing and Inside Direct Mail parent company, North American Publishing Co., has begun phasing out hard copy printer proofs in favor of soft proofing. Having never relied solely on soft proofing in the past, I was wary. But the end result was well worth the worry: The cost savings have been substantial, and…

Derek Smith on Direct Mail and the Environment

About a decade ago, after spending the better part of his career as an executive in the printing and paper manufacturing industries, consultant Derek Smith turned his attention to the environmental stage. Through his work with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) among others, Smith discovered that while the North American paper companies have made great improvements, there’s still a lot of bridge-building to be done between the industry and the environmentalists. And, just as importantly, there’s a crucial part of the equation that’s missing: the end user, i.e., you. “There are some key sectors in the supply chain, like paper merchants, printers, publishers, end