Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Tom Smith is a DZone research analyst who built a career gathering insights from analytics to inform integrated marketing plans that make a significant positive impact on business. He’s a hands-on leader in marketing and analysis who has worked with more than 120 clients in eight vertical industries. Smith is an experienced full-stack marketer who uses insights to drive positioning and branding, demand generation and lead creation, channel management, and customer relationship management and customer experience. The purpose of his blog is to share thought-provoking insights regarding customer experience. Reach him at

Customer Experience Failure, Times 2

Here are two instances of poor business practices that lead to customer experience failure — from the same insurance company.

GDPR Leads Brands to Better CX

A year ago, most companies had no clue where all of their customer data resided, let alone whether or not it was secure. With the imple

CX Isn’t Hard, It’s Common Sense

I continue to urge companies to differentiate on the basis of customer experience — the bar is so low, it’s doesn’t take a lot of

Implement DevOps to Improve CX

There’s been a movement in IT during the past seven or so years to adopt a DevOps methodology; whereby, developers and operations are