Ted Grigg

Ted Grigg
The Missing Link to Successful Direct Mail — the Creative Brief

Nothing causes the creative team more stress than clients who never seem happy with the creative work. If you've worked in this business for a while, you know the story only too well. In spite of brilliant execution and access to top creative talent, multiple revisions serve only to raise the temperature of the project. In the end, the creative process destroys trust and respect on both sides of the aisle

Hidden Profits

Properly executed direct mail audits uncover new profit-making opportunities by increasing response rates and cutting costs. The term “audit” carries negative undertones, because the IRS and other enforcement agencies use audits to reveal fraud or abuse that carries fines and other penalties.

Nuts & Bolts: Branding

It never fails. General agency professionals and clients who spend their careers building brands go limp when it comes time to ask for the order. It’s as if the call to action needed to get a reasonable response rate from the target audience somehow demeans the brand. Let’s be clear: A strong brand goes a long way toward generating higher response rates, but a strong brand without sales support will deny the organization the sales it deserves. Case in point: While working as a direct marketing consultant for a general agency, the bomb fell when I asked for a description of the offer. The goal for