Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller leads the IMM/integrated marketing management practice for brand and marketing technology strategy firm TopRight ( She is a relentless customer advocate and a champion for marketers creating memorable customer experiences. A digital marketing and CRM expert, she helps sophisticated marketers balance the right mix of people, process and technology to optimize a data-driven content marketing strategy. She speaks and writes regularly and leads several industrywide initiatives. Feedback and column ideas are most welcome at or @stephanieSAM.

Your Secret Weapon for Amplification: Employees!

There are sales enablement programs, partner and channel enablement programs and even influencer enablement programs. Why are there then, so few employee enablement programs—especially when both the knowledge of the company and the CRM/integrated marketing technology is already in use?

An Inside-Out View of the Customer Funnel

No one in business ever profited by change for change's sake. However, no one ever stayed in business long without responding to market changes and evolving customer demand. We live in a world of change. The methods, strategies and ideas that resonated in the past just don't work well enough any longer. We are pushed by market and business forces on all sides to adapt our marketing to a new era. Which means that the entire marketing organization needs to respond and adapt to a new way of interacting with our important audiences.

5 Data-Driven Strategies to Feed Your Customer Obsession

The digitization of our culture and marketplace has made it even more important for marketers to be customer advocates. Every bit of content we create, every retargeting campaign we develop and every customer journey we attempt to map … all this must be tied to superior and engaging customer experiences. It's the only reason marketing exists.

3 Success Factors to Insights-Driven Automation

Most marketers do not have a technology problem. In fact, we've crossed the chasm of a few years ago, when technology could not keep up with marketers' vision of customer engagement. Now, we have so much technology, we can't utilize it strategically and we struggle to integrate it.

3 IMM Trends to Watch in 2015

Happy New Year! As we look ahead this year with confidence in our ability to reach those aggressive goals and objectives, it seems that all the great marketing will be done by organizations who are customer-centric, nimble across channels, purposeful in messaging and timing, well-organized and collaborative and, perhaps as an underlying imperative to all of those … in control of their technology. CRM and Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) are core areas of marketing technology investment and opportunity for all of us. I summarize the (near) future of IMM with three words: Data, content and automation.

Mastering the Complexities of Multichannel Digital Marketing

Integration is like the Holy Grail of marketing. Connecting the dots at the customer level, across channels, devices and owned and non-owned properties is hard, but not impossible. Multichannel marketers must commit to meeting the customer along a matrixed journey. In a session I led at DMA2014 in San Diego last month, we discussed the types of lifecycle marketing, automation and buyer-centric programs that are most effective for drawing marketers out of silos and into a collaborative multichannel approach.

3 Key Lessons for Mobile Email Marketers

With mobile devices ranging from smartphones to iPads to e-readers to netbooks, the question isn't if you need a mobile strategy for your email marketing program, but when.

Turn Your Customers Into Your Best Salespeople

Happy customers are your brand’s best salespeople. Today’s social media platforms make it easier than ever for brand advocates to share their enthusiasm with hundreds (if not thousands) of colleagues and other prospects in their online networks. The power given to consumers is real. It's created a sort of forced collaboration between marketers and their customers — with industry bloggers, analysts and journalists chiming in too. Empower customers and your marketplace and you win. Try to control it and you may incite a mutiny.

Turning Email and Social Synergy Into Opportunity

In marketing — as in candy bowls — chasing too much opportunity can produce nothing more than paralysis or, at best, a dilution of the effort when it’s spread too thinly.

Share, Share Everywhere: Tapping the Social Activity of Email Subscribers

We've all seen it happen: a trusted individual recommends or suggests something. It's a powerful way to not only convey a message, but also elicit a response. That’s why it’s important for email marketers to understand the value of social media sharing. Having prospects and customers receive, open and pay attention to your email message is good, but having them then share the message further via email or other social media is great. Customer-instigated sharing across social media channels acts as a force multiplier that can significantly ratchet up the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign, both in reach and impact.