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How Is Your Direct Mail Data?

Your data is the backbone of your direct mail. You not only need correct mail addresses, but you also need to know purchase history, demographics, and anything else that will help you target your customers with offers they want.

2020: The Year Online Video Got Real

After COVID-19, the whole world has seen what happens when video stops being nice and starts getting real … and they like it! COVID has put low-fi, gritty, honest online video at the forefront of all communication, and it’s time for brands to get just as real in their marketing.

Social AR Connects Brand and Consumer in New Era of Digital

Augmented reality is an under-utilized medium for delivering immersive customer experiences, allowing companies to bring their brand and products to customers in the safety of their homes. Let’s dive into how social AR can spark real business-to-consumer engagement.

Meet Customers Where They Are With Direct Response Video Technology

Marketers are still scrambling to make adjustments and find new ways to interact with existing and potential customers. But despite the changes inspired by the virus, one baseline marketing principle has remained – you need to meet customers where they are.

'Black is Beautiful' Beer Label Spreads a Global Campaign for Equality

We’re taking a look at Black is Beautiful, a fast-growing initiative in the craft beer segment inspired by the events of recent months. In debuting the beer and the initiative, Weathered Souls Brewing Company in San Antonio, Texas, has invited breweries from around the world to brew their own versions in support of “Justice and equality for People of Color.”

How to Make Your Brand a Part of Consumers’ Identities

If consumers don’t feel like a brand “gets” them, all it takes is a few clicks to find another option. If brands can become a part of their customers’ identities, they’ll have a secure place in the market. But how do you become that integral in the lives of your consumers?

Creating Remote Brand Experiences With Automated Direct Mail

The direct mail channel can be used to break through the digital clutter and create remarkable brand experiences. Beyond swag in a box, tactile marketing automation (TMA) — or automated direct mail — generates strong brand connections with target audiences by delivering personalized, tactile assets.

Best-in-Class Examples of COVID-Centric Customer Communications

Given the limitations to come up with new creatives at this time of social distancing, communications across industries are starting to look similar and tired. For inspiration, let’s review best-in-class examples across five industries: banking, credit cards, travel and leisure, retail, and telecommunications.

Whales: How Successful Marketers Thrive in Any Economy

Recent research shows that 72% of marketers have faced budget cuts since the start of the pandemic. Yet we also know that in prior economic crises, brands who continue to advertise in down times gain immense market share. The trick is to make the most of reduced spend by focusing on the “whales” in your customer base.

This Is Your Brain on Direct Mail

Studies show that direct mail subconsciously appeals to human emotions, boosts brand recognition, and drives purchase intent. Here is a closer look at your brain on direct mail, the science behind its performance, and how brands can harness the power of print to deliver unforgettable customer experiences.

Bear Naked Granola Pouches Empower Eco-Conscious Consumers

Sustainability is a top-of-mind packaging concern for brands and consumers, and plastic flexible packaging has been the segment that has received much of the backlash. In this video, we look at how Bear Naked granola has implemented a resealable pouch that is ready for recycling at in-store drop off locations.

How Discover Puerto Rico Is Inspiring Future Travel

Leah Chandler, CMO of Discover Puerto Rico, discusses the destination marketing organization’s “All in Good Time” campaign, positioning the Island as the place travelers will want to put at the top of their list once it’s safe to travel again. She also shares how her organization is handling the pandemic.

Campaign Snapshot: Spectrum Delivers TV Experience via Direct Mail Using AR

As the “cord-cutting” population continues to rise, companies like Spectrum have to find innovative ways to illustrate the value of traditional cable TV over streaming services like Netflix. Here’s how Spectrum is bringing the excitement of TV into the direct mail marketing channel using augmented reality.

Connected TV: Ready for Direct Response Prime Time?

We have all been hearing about the promise of connected TV (CTV) for several years now, and it appears COVID-19 has pushed it to the forefront, with marketers increasing CTV advertising spend by 35% in Q2 2020. But with all the hype, is CTV the direct response channel that marketers have been waiting for?