Spyro Kourtis

Spyro Kourtis

Spyro Kourtis serves as the CEO of HackerAgency. Spyro has produced marketing strategies that have generated over a billion dollars of sales for companies like AT&T, IBM, Box, Hyatt, Carnival Cruise Lines, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Comcast, Netflix, and more. He prides himself on helping companies grow through creating data-driven selling systems, focusing on provable, repeatable results. Sypro is also a popular writer and speaker, appearing at top national conferences, bringing to life concepts and theories of direct marketing principles. A lover of the environment, he founded the Green Marketing Coalition, which is comprised of a group of marketers who meet to define and establish green marketing standards and guidelines.

The New Integration: It's Not What You Think

Traditionally, the benefit of an integrated campaign has been thought to be about synergies, where one plus one plus one equals something more than three. The problem with the traditional mindset is that one never really knows whether these synergies truly exist. How much benefit did the email campaign obtain from the direct mail? How much more effective were the online display ads when a DRTV campaign was run simultaneously? These are tough questions.


Perhaps only a small minority of your customers are trying to access your website via mobile devices right now. Maybe those people don't seem worth worrying about yet. However, mobile use is skyrocketing.

Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing Mix

Mobile marketing—and by extension, QR Codes—is so appealing to marketers because it promises to find consumers wherever they are and to be available wherever consumers look.

Doing More With Less

Selling can be a delicate process requiring the finesse of a diamond cutter. I was approached recently by someone who wanted to sell me a service I have no need for now, but might at some time in the future. I told him I have no clients in this sector right now. He continues to e-mail me every couple of weeks, telling me how great his service is. I don’t need those e-mails; I have his contact information. And now he’s beginning to annoy me. On the other hand, I was approached a few months ago by another person who sells office furniture. My company is

Three Methods to Regain Control of Your Brand

General advertisers believe they are losing control of their brands. They’re wrong. They’ve never had control! Advertising is focused on changing the way people think, while direct marketing changes the way people act. Here are three ways to get your brand back: 1. Behavioral targeting is easy when your product/service is associated with a particular activity or pursuit. It can still be done, even with more general products and services—but it’s a bigger challenge. 2. If your marketing program is broken, you need to test everything. If your program is healthy, spend about 20 percent of your budget testing. If it’s somewhere in

Create a Winning Lead Dialogue: How to Optimize Your Contact Strategy

Nothing in this world is pure, and direct mail is no exception. Direct mail isn’t purely a marketing medium. When done properly, it’s a combination of marketing and sales. Review the best direct mail programs you can think of; they will all reflect this fact. Given the close relationship of marketing and sales, creating great direct mail requires that you: • work to avoid some of the critical mistakes even seasoned professionals fall into; • be able to adjust your lead flow and quality to the needs of your sales team; and • get maximum value out of every lead. Go Far