Shaun Ryan

Shaun Ryan
Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 2

Whether shopping in neighborhood stores, malls or online, holiday gift buyers have little time for aimless browsing. They need to find gifts for recipients on their list — and fast. Intuitive and user-friendly site navigation goes a long way toward helping online holiday shoppers complete that task. It encourages them to spend their gift dollars with you, not your competitor.

Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 1

If you think of point A as a prospect's entry to your website and point B as the content they came to your site to find, then you can see the wisdom of creating the shortest distance possible between points A and B. That path should be direct, logical and fast, particularly if you want to see lucrative conversion rates this holiday shopping season. Unfortunately, poor website navigation can derail the path your site visitors take, leading them away from desired products and potentially away from your site altogether.

5 Tips for Improving Your Site Visitors’ Search Experiences

Your site search function is a critical component to how visitors experience your site. Site search has become the preferred method of navigation for most website visitors to find the products or information they seek. But more importantly, it generates higher conversions when comparing the purchasing behaviors of visitors who use the search box to those who don’t.

A Practical Guide to Using Site Search

Earlier this year, I offered suggestions to eM+C readers about how to leverage the site search function to help customers find the product -- or information -- they're looking for.

Five Tips to Help Customers Search Your Site Successfully

Consumers expect to find what they're looking for quickly — particularly when looking online. As a result, providing relevant search results is imperative for the success of any business on the Web. When customers can't find an item, they'll assume you don't stock it — even when there's a chance they just used a search term that you hadn't thought of.