Seamas Egan

Seamas Egan
March Madness: 5 Tips to Make an Email Marketing Slam Dunk

March Madness is upon us, which means we'll soon be surrounded by the annual rush of bracket competitions at work and outside the office. Millions of eyes will be on the young basketball stars and college programs as each attempts to make their mark. March Madness isn't just a college fan favorite, however. There are also key takeaways and tactics that email marketers can leverage to gain a competitive advantage with their campaigns. In an effort to help email marketers get off the bench and into the spotlight, I've created a quick email marketing playbook that includes five crunch-time moves to help you make it to the next round:

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Email's Favor - 5 Tips to Survive the Spam Folder

Black Friday deals. Holiday sales. Travel promotions. New Years offers. While holiday promotions provide some of the best sales opportunities, they also mark the start of the culling during this joyous season. Like Katniss and Peeta's blockbuster journey, marketers and online retailers are in a "Hunger Games" of their own as they seek to keep promotional emails alive and out of the spam folder

Red, White, Blue and Email Marketing

With Independence Day tomorrow, it's the perfect time to add fireworks to your email marketing plans and get your customers excited for the approaching holiday and your upcoming sales. In an effort to start the celebrations off right, you'll need a few tips to implement a truly patriotic email marketing campaign that will increase opens, clickthroughs and, ultimately, profits.

Memorial Day Magic: Email Marketing Tips for a Successful Start to Summer

Not only does the start of summer mean sunshine and swimsuits, but it also presents a significant opportunity for marketers to take advantage of the summer shopping craze. Millions of consumers will be looking for the best summer sales to celebrate the season, making Memorial Day a prime holiday for email marketers. In fact, transaction rates for Memorial Day campaigns are 35.5 percent higher than Black Friday emails and 16.1 percent higher than Cyber Monday emails.

Email Marketing Myths: In Search of the Truth

Are you only sending email campaigns on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 3 p.m.? What about vigilantly avoiding a set list of spam "trigger words"? Aggregate data has historically told us that these are email marketing best practices, but are they actually true or simply myths? I hypothesize that these "best practices" are undercover myths, leading to marginal campaigns and subpar results. To test my theory, the Campaigner team donned our email marketing lab coats and safety goggles to identify, analyze and label five common email marketing myths as busted, plausible or confirmed:

Email Marketing Love Stories: Aiming Cupid’s Golden Arrows to Increase Customer Loyalty and Drive Revenue

In the world of email marketing, some campaigns inspire consumers to become longtime and loyal customers, falling in love with your brand. Others fall flat, irritating customers and prompting them to unsubscribe from your list and find solace in the arms of your competitors. Gaining new customers, or winning over lost ones, is an uphill battle, costing extensive time, effort and budget to ensure consumers will love and stay committed to your brand.

5 Ways to Get the Grinch Out of Your Holiday Email Campaigns

During the holidays you need to think of yourself as the mayor of Whoville. The Grinch may have even already infiltrated some of your campaigns and found ways to deflate not only your holiday revenue joy, but the holiday shopping excitement of your subscribers as well. To ensure that your holiday campaigns are Grinch-free, not only now but in the post-holiday season as well, here are five tips to help email marketers become the happy-go-lucky (and prosperous) Mayors of their own Whovilles, and protect all email citizens during this holiday season:

Will Email Marketing Be ‘Gmailed’ Out of Existence?

Google reorganized the Gmail inbox and the change has sparked fear and doom in the hearts of email marketers. The new Gmail inbox groups users’ mail into categories — primary, social, promotions, updates and forums — that appear as tabs. The new inbox was announced as a way for users to get an at-a-glance view at mail and decide when and what they want to read. Has the company with an informal motto of "don't be evil" killed email marketing as we know it?

How to Boost Holiday Email Marketing Results With Responsive Design

Most of us are glued to our mobile devices, which means we're using them to access our inbox and the web more than ever before. As businesses begin revamping their digital marketing strategies, they must also adapt to the growing need to modify content and communications for mobile devices, as well as tailor emails for mobile that open seamlessly, render beautifully and provide intuitive call-to-action buttons.

How Sales and Marketing Teams Can Work Together and Play to Win

Today, more than ever, sales and marketing must be aligned in order for organizations to succeed. Your business can't play to empty seats. This is the bottom-line reality for every organization, and should be at the core of initiatives for every department. It's not enough for sales and marketing to take ownership of their share of the customer process. They must accept accountability for creating and improving the entire workflow, from lead generation to conversion.

Inspiring Customer Loyalty and Love

In this season devoted to hearts and flowers, it's a good time for businesses to assess and improve customer love and loyalty. The digital age has made it easier than ever for businesses to not only connect but engage with customers. This new level of transparency and sharing has made it extremely clear that emotional engagement is a key driver of brand loyalty. Companies can either show their customers the love or risk losing them to competitors.