Sandra Zoratti

Sandra Zoratti
Know Me or No Me: Optimizing Your Customer Retention

With do-not-call lists, blocked messages and do-not-track actions, it's easier than ever for consumers to shut out and ignore marketers who use irrelevant content. Many consumers are taking disengagement a step further. A recent study showed that 41 percent of consumers said they would consider ending a brand relationship because of irrelevant marketing—and 22 percent already have. In other words, consumers are saying, "know me or no me."

6 Ways to Use Precision Marketing to Acquire and Retain Customers

Throwing messages to the wind in hopes that one's target audience will be on the receiving end is a surefire way to drive your customers into the arms of another brand. The digital world and its barrage of marketing and social messaging components has elevated this pattern of unintentional messaging, further separating customers from brands and leaving business outcomes hanging in the balance.

Direct Mail vs. Email? A Way to Find the Balance

Marketers have often asked whether it is better to use email or direct mail for a marketing campaign. From much research and many case studies, I have found that the answer is not an "either/or" choice. A sound integrated marketing strategy is like an orchestra, with all the different parts coming together at the right moment to create the customer experience. To develop a "Boston Pops" approach to your campaign, I recommend a score based on good data and a communications matrix to understand where your potential customers are in the buying cycle.