Robert Lerose

Robert Lerose
Strategies for 
a Great Headline

As a copywriter, I'm often asked which headline techniques work best for getting an envelope opened or a landing page read. Because the importance of the headline can't be overstated, it's not surprising this subject has been explored endlessly.

30 Ways to Amp Up a Renewal Series

Renewal series add regular cash to your coffers and build loyal, long-term relationships. Yet many publishers ignore them or consider them an afterthought, lavishing money and creative capital on new acquisition packages instead. They leave easy money on the table, since it costs less to renew a subscriber than acquire one.

12 Copywriting Secrets for Publishing Offers

Capturing your prospect's attention has become harder by an order of magnitude. The Internet is largely responsible for this shift. The diversity and volume of information available, many times without cost, has cut into publishers' revenues and circulation. To compete, marketers need to ensure that their promotions sell—and sell hard—from the second they're opened on the Web or received in the mail.

List Secrets for Creatives

Early in my career, I worked in the promotion department of a small newsletter publisher. I was in charge of assembling the six annual special reports that supplemented our two weekly publications. Much of my time was spent making as many phone calls as humanly possible to get necessary information for the hundreds of listings that comprised the bulk of the extra editions. The listings were free, however, for a modest price, we’d print them in bold-faced type. It was my job to convince the prospect to buy. Sometimes it was an easy sell, but many times I encountered reluctance from my customers: