Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell
Key Insights To Win Brand Loyal Customers

Emotionally connected customers will spend 2X or more with retailers than simply “satisfied” customers and have a 306% higher lifetime value. They also recommend brands at a much higher rate –71% versus 45%. Download the latest Brand Loyalty Consumer Insights to learn how to sell smarter and drive growth with consumers who will: pay top dollar, be loyal to your brand, and be your advocate.

At Last – A Tool to Prove Your Marketing Works!

Wouldn’t it be great to know which marketing campaigns drive website traffic? Melissa’s WebVisitor helps you gauge the effectiveness of your social media, direct mail and email campaigns by tracking anonymous site visitors. Get up-to-the-hour reports with contact info and a list of stats, so you can identify the messaging and tactics that work!

How to Optimize Leads with Identity Verification and Completion

Successful lead gen happens when you gain a full picture of your consumer. A data partner with robust identity resolution capabilities can help you achieve this. Infutor’s recent handbook explores what identity resolution is and why it’s imperative for successful lead gen.

Capture In-Store and Online Conversions From Digital Exposure

Being able to tie digital exposure to an offline action has revolutionized the way companies track campaign performance and optimize media dollars. Using the Claritas Device Graph, a private bank saw 70,000 online and in-store conversions, resulting in a whopping 94% decrease in Cost-per-Acquisition. Learn how to measure the true impact of media: Read case study!

FREE Direct Mail Seminar Coming to Philadelphia, New York and San Diego

Ineffective marketing can cost you thousands of dollars, and even your business. In one dynamic seminar Keith Goodman, a nationally-recognized expert in direct marketing, walks you through response- generating strategies while using case examples to provide you practical guidance for creating successful direct mail campaigns. Limited seating. RSVP today!

National Direct Mail Marketing Seminar Coming to Philadelphia, New York and San Diego

Great marketers are driving companies forward because they understand how to engage customers amidst the current digital clutter. Are you ready to know what they know? The Direct Mail Crash Course is a dynamic, one-day seminar that walks you through the latest strategies for creating integrated marketing campaigns that get results. Seating is limited. RSVP for FREE today!

The Asian-American Market - Crazy Rich & Growing Strong

Marketing to Asian-Americans – the United States’ fastest-growing population – requires more than hastily translated copy or Anglo faces swapped with Asian. In the latest episode of The Why Behind The Buy, we chat with multicultural experts on how to effectively market to this wealthy and brand loyal demographic, capturing future growth. Listen to Podcast!

New Solutions Catalog: Data-Driven Tools for a Marketing Homerun!

Don’t strike out! Download Melissa’s new catalog – the playbook of game-changing tools for marketing success. Clean customer and prospect data can (and should) be your biggest strength – and we make that possible with industry-leading tools for every budget. Up your game with lead generation, list hygiene and data append solutions to score a marketing homerun!

How Nutrisystem Reveals Anonymous Website Visitors

Not everyone is your customer. NutriSystem was able to understand who was coming to their website to ensure they were only re-targeting the right customers. Using insights based on recency of visits, engagement on the site and spending habits, they were able to better identify, filter and re-market anonymous traffic with strategic email deployments and achieve record results. Read case study to see how you can target smarter.

The Lead Generator’s Guide to Identity Verification and Completion

Successful lead generation happens when you gain a full picture of consumer identities, which can be achieved with the help of a data partner. Download Infutor’s latest handbook to learn more on how identity resolution processes enable businesses to reach their top prospects and drive more conversions.

(Webinar) Impact Branding: Find and Amplify Your Brand’s Uniqueness

Presented by best-selling author and branding expert Carla Johnson, this fast-paced session will teach you how the most influential people and brands in the world create magical moments. You’ll see how to tap into your natural brand personality and pull out the qualities that will make you unforgettable!

Project Peacock

Project Peacock, a traveling show-and-tell program, created to share print samples, applications and information with agencies, brands, and corporations, is heading to NYC this March 14th! Here, marketers will see what’s possible with the newest print marketing technologies, get an up-close-and-personal look at stunning printed promotions and funky finishing and more. Space is limited, register now!

Are U.S. Asians Crazy Rich?

The newest data shows Asian American households make 36% more than other U.S. households… find out more about this fast-growing consumer segment in this new Claritas report. Download Now!

Watch the Webinar: Giftology, Featuring John Ruhlin and Adrian Dayton

Corporations spend billions of dollars every year on gifts, but most are failing miserably because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of gift giving. Watch this on-demand webinar with Adrian Dayton and John Ruhlin to learn the five keys to giving gifts that “increase referrals and strengthen retention.