Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell
WHY SEO is Like Blind Dating

In today's web dominated world SEO is more critical than ever. Explore the many key benefits of organic rankings: Attract Purchase-Ready Prospects, Build Brand Credibility, Improve Market Position vs. Competition.

A Master Class on Identity Graph Management

The primary goal of an identity graph is to recognize consumers and their associated profiles and attributes. However, its responsibilities in providing value for marketers go much deeper. Infutor’s recent white paper shows what identity graphs can and should do -- and how they do it.

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: Interactive Content

Is your content delivering predictable, sales-focused insight? If you're like most B2B marketers, the struggle is real. But interactive content experiences can give the kind of buyer insights businesses need. This Forrester study commissioned by Turtl provides research and answers to help you close more deals and prove marketing value within your business.

Financial Segmentation Helps Credit Union Bring In $52M

Leveraging P$YCLE® Premier to identify new members for their recently opened branches, Webster First Federal Credit Union reached half of the 2019 deposit growth goal their CEO had placed – in just 10 weeks. By the time they entered the fourth quarter of the year, they had achieved more than 250% of their original goal! We’re sharing how they managed to see these results using industry compliant and privacy-safe financial segmentation in a new case study.

Retailer Increases Sales by 30% With a Multichannel Lead Generating Campaign

A retailer wanted to create a campaign to bring in new customers, but their consultant only worked in direct mail. Find out how adding in new channels of promotion brought about a 30%+ increase in sales for two consecutive months, plus the best click-to-open rates they’d ever seen.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Leftover Marketing Budget

Got some leftover marketing spend? Don’t dump dollars on a hastily created ad campaign at the last minute – spend it smartly! We’ve got 3 tips to maximize your marketing dollars and kick the new year off with a bang. Plus, we’ve even got a special discount just for you. Time’s running out to use it – so don’t lose it!

Get Your Complete Guide to Social Media for B2B Marketers

Wondering about building an effective social media marketing strategy? Unsure of what content will resonate best and confused about which platform will work well for your target audience? Download this guide to get tips and best practices to ensure your marketing dollars are well spent, and you connect with the right audience at the right time.

Envelope vs. Postcard: Which Format Is Best?

Direct mail marketing is a perennial proven winner, but choosing which one to use for your mailing isn’t always an open and shut case. This download discusses how, when and why to use each format, along with tips for creating your mailing.

What Differentiation Exists Among Podcast Listeners?

As podcasting becomes mainstream, marketers seeking listeners must now choose a target within the podcast audience, focusing on content that resonates with their desired consumer. Understanding the dynamics among listeners is key to determining how and where to integrate this channel into your marketing mix to capture your best customers. Find out why one size definitely doesn’t fit all podcast listeners.

What It Means to Understand Your Consumers

Infutor’s most recent whitepaper explores how an identity resolution strategy enables brands to uncover who their customers are to improve inbound engagement, strengthen the customer experience, and activate outbound campaigns at scale.

Increase Your Retargeting Conversions by Going Offline (eBook)

Retargeting is essential in today’s marketing strategies but are your efforts getting the best results? Are you leaving conversions on the table? Download our free eBook to see how brands are increasing conversions by adding direct mail to their retargeting strategies.

New Episode of The Why Behind The Buy Podcast on Identity Graphs

Identity graphs are key to marketing efforts, but many are still unfamiliar with this technology and want more information. The Why Behind The Buy podcast explores the benefits and limitations of identity graphs, plus how Metro by T-Mobile used this solution to uncover 300,000 previously anonymous leads in one month.

Resolving Your Consumers’ Identities

Identity resolution is a crucial tool for marketers, providing a complete, real-time view of a customer or prospect. Infutor’s recent eBook explores how identity resolution helps marketers improve personalization, make relevant and compelling offers, and understand whether the consumer is qualified to purchase.

I Hate “Brand” … Yeah, I Said It.

We’ve found ourselves at a fork in the road. Brand? Or DR? A DR-only mindset will lead to short-termism with no long-term play – consumers that will purchase today, but only did so because of a great offer, and will never again think about your produce or service again. At the same time, a branding-only mindset may lead to one ridiculously expensive TV spot, a hugely overpriced media plan and a couple people that care.