Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell
Eliminate the Black Hole with Visibility into Your Direct Mail Delivery

Learn how to elevate your direct mail program with precision, transparency, and data intelligence. By adding near-real-time visibility into your postal mailings, you can use delivery intelligence to make sound business decisions – leading to lower labor and production costs, a richer omni-channel experience, higher response rates, improved customer relationships, and better ROI.

USPS Guide to Direct Mail (That’s Useful)

This guide walks you through the 5 most critical aspects of a direct mail campaign and how to succeed at them. When planning a direct mail campaign, you need more than a printer to partner with. You need a full-service company that can help you develop customized solutions to get your mail into the U.S. Postal Service system while also saving you money and time. We’re here to help you!

638% More Health Insurance Leads With Landing Page Optimization

Marketers make assumptions. Long-form copy doesn’t work. Call center employees should be measured by average call time. Try to sell any customer that comes your way. We interviewed Denis Mrkva, General Manager, HealthSpire, a startup within Aetna. He shared how he is challenging assumptions and achieving results. (No opt-in required)

Webinar: Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

Google and Facebook are great channels to post ads when you want to reach new customers ... but, which is more effective — Facebook ads or Google ads? Find out on June 20 during a free webinar that explains the key differences between both types of ads. Includes the pros and cons, lots of examples and so much more!

3 Ways Digitization Is Transforming Modern Marketing Work

In this webinar, Workfront CEO, Alex Shootman, and Constellation Research Analyst, Alan Lepofsky, share their insights on the challenges of the modern workplace and how digital marketing teams can adapt to get more done, faster. Watch now!

4 Ways Digitization Is Transforming Modern Marketing Work

Join Workfront CEO, Alex Shootman, and Constellation Research Analyst, Alan Lepofsky, for a live webinar on June 6 as they share insights on the challenges of the modern workplace and how real-world digital marketing teams have adapted to get more done, faster. Register today!

Get $10,000 of Direct Mail for $5,000

You read that right. Try us out and we will give you $5,000 of free printing and mailing services (excluding postage). You'll get double the value, have a seamless direct mail experience, and be amazed by our customer service.

Webinar: Unlock the Secrets to an Unbeatable Customer Experience

Presented by award-winning marketing influencer Carla Johnson, this free webinar will provide business and nonprofit marketers with the tools needed to architect an amazing customer experience that competitors can never copy, and one that will inspire customers to champion their brand to everyone they know.

New GDPR Survey: 80% of Marketers Risk Double Trouble

New research reveals 80% of companies have doubled their exposure to “The Hidden U.S. Risks of GDPR” from multiple Single Customer View (SCV) platforms – an alarming stat from marketing peers like you. In our latest issue of Melissa Magazine, learn vital steps to take to address GDPR’s pitfalls, how our Personator ID verification solution can help, and take an SCV audit to see where your data stands.

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

In this report, we’ll show you why valid testing is so important, the three common validity threats to be aware of, why detective work is needed in most testing programs, and how personalization can make testing a challenge.

Demand Gen Report’s 2018 Content Preferences Survey

Webinars, white papers, case studies, third-party reports podcast, blogs and a whole lot more. But which content format is the most suitable for a given persona? DemandGen Report's 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report has the answers for you. To understand what content a prospect needs and when, download this report.

WEBINAR | Create the Ultimate Marketing Trifecta: 13 Tips Around Email, Content & SEO

Successful marketers utilize a variety of different tactics and channels. When you combine email, content and SEO, you have a perfect marketing trio that's capable of attracting and retaining customers — now and in the future. On May 23, Pinpointe shows you how to combine these three elements to maximize your marketing reach and brand effectiveness.