Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell
Creating Your Direct Mail Offer

We know from direct mail’s 40-40-20 rule that the success (or failure) of a direct mail campaign is based 40% on making the right offer, 40% on targeting the right audience, and 20% on your creative. Learn how to make the most of your offer with this white paper from Tension.

How to Reach Executive Contacts During Covid

Home office has taken on a new meaning since Covid-19 has forced many to work from home. That’s why Melissa just released their new ExecConnect Mailing Lists. Reach decision-makers at their desk or on their couch with customizable selects that connect their business and consumer profiles together. Get 15% off your first list today so you can continue to reach business executives during the pandemic.

Top 10 Demand Gen Mistakes Even the Most Sophisticated Marketers Make

For marketing teams, building depth and collaboration are key motivators of revenue growth. However, even the best marketing attribution and measurement strategies have room for improvement. Learn about the top ten demand generation mistakes and how you can plan for more accurate alignment in your own organization.

Get to Know the USPS

Direct mail’s 40-40-20 Rule tells us that the success of a direct mail campaign is based 40% on the right offer, 40% on the right audience and 20% on good creative. How does the USPS® fit in? Download Tension’s "Get to Know the USPS" white paper and learn about key USPS® products, programs and players that can drive your strategy and help your campaign succeed.

What You Need to Know About Data Partners

Data is the fuel that helps analytics teams anticipate consumer behaviors, predict purchases, and much more. If your organization is new to analytics or wants to augment its modeling with third-party data, Infutor has put together a guide that will show you what to look for in a provider to ensure you’re making the best decision for your data science initiatives.

5 Things to Know About Data Analytics Partners

Whether you’re new to analytics and need foundational data or want to augment modeling and fuel AI initiatives with rich third-party data, you’ll need to properly vet all potential partners. Infutor’s tip sheet will help you decide whether a data analytics partner is the right fit, and ensure you’re making smarter decisions across your entire organization.

Planning Your Direct Mail and Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Great marketing campaigns don't just happen - they require a coordinated effort across departments and partners. Download Tension’s “A Guide for Planning Your Direct Mail and Integrated Campaigns,” complete with checklists, tools and data, to help you plan your next direct mail and integrated marketing campaign.

7 Answers to Maximize Your Marketing Success in the Pandemic

Here are the answers to 7 critical questions 5W’s many clients have been asking the past few months that may benefit you. This eBook provides specific actions that can be done quickly that may help you increase your success in today’s challenging environment. Download 17 pages of useful insights now!

Free Email Course: 30 Days to Unforgettable Content

Level up your marketing content expertise with a free email-based course from Turtl Academy. You’ll get a lesson a day for 30 days, grounded in cognition and psychology, that you can apply right away. You'll love this course if you’re a marketer with a growth mindset, and you care about creating content that gets read, not just published. Get started now – get day 1 to your inbox

The New Norm Still Favors Direct Mail

Direct mail is still the most effective way to reach prospects. With stay-at-home orders still in effect for many areas, a trip to the mailbox means an eager excuse to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Maintain contact with existing customers and new ones by easily mailing with Mailers Online for maximum ROI, postage discounts and response rates. Upload your mailing list today to save time, money and headaches.

Understanding the Needs of Today’s Digitally-Empowered Buyers OR How to Become Customer-Driven in Manufacturing

Accustomed to the seamless convenience of B2C e-commerce, today's B2B manufacturing buyers expect the same of their professional purchasing experiences. As the lines between B2B and B2C continue blurring, understanding customers’ expectations is growing ever complicated. Learn how you can meet the need of today’s B2B buyers and the motivations behind your customers purchasing decisions.

4 Steps To Digital Transformation In B2B Commerce

Providing excellent digital experiences in B2B has become the new imperative to meet growing customer expectations. However, when organizations begin a digital transformation journey, they’re often focused solely on technology. In reality, there are business decisions to be made and opportunities to explore before technology comes into play. Find out if you’re ready for digital transformation.

Podcast Ad Revenue Expected To Reach $1B In 2021

Are podcasts the next great advertising vehicle? They are one of the most popular media going, especially in these uncertain times, but challenges with targeting, measurement, and attribution often hold marketers back. Learn the secrets of how marketing and measurement experts confidently jump into this growing channel and find success.

Personalization Can Go Wrong. But We Have the Fix

In this white paper, Infutor discusses why the most impactful personalization doesn't come from just knowing who a customer is but rather from knowing what they want. You’ll also learn how brands can provide value right away by predicting lifestyle patterns, creating relevant cross-sells, and more!