Peg Kuman

Peg Kuman
3 Steps to Turbo-Charge Your Data Privacy Policies

Last week, we talked about finding a balance between fair information practices and effective business practice, and we looked at the elements of a best-of-class privacy policy. Today, a best-of-class policy needs to exceed what's expected, including in the arena of transparency. This week, we're going to turbo-charge your best practices, so you can become a leading example of what "best" really means.

5 Points to Consider for Your Privacy Policy

Last week, I explained that we are migrating from a push marketing world to a pull marketing world—a change that will usher in fresh opportunities for marketers, as well as new, more restrictive points-of-view from regulators. This week, let's consider what you might add to your privacy policies and practices—both online and offline—to offset such restrictive viewpoints.

Do You Know Your Data? 5 Data Governance Questions Every Marketer Should Ask, and Their Answers

Consider this: As marketers, we are living in a time of drastic change. We are migrating from a push marketing world to a pull marketing world. As that happens, new forces and factors will create new, innovative opportunities for marketers and new, more restrictive points of view from regulators. What to do? For starters, you must employ best practices in all that you do in using, sourcing, storing and managing data.