Paul Turnbull

Paul Turnbull
3 Ways Metrics Can Improve Your Email Marketing Program

Filmmakers often spend years developing a concept, writing the content and hiring the right actors before their movie ever makes it into theaters. However, all of that hard work doesn't guarantee that the finished project will be a hit with audiences. It's not over until the reviews are in. The same is true of your email marketing campaigns.

How to Grow a Successful Email List

In business, numbers are a key focus. We analyze various metrics all with an eye on our bottom line. When it comes to email marketing, however, numbers don't tell the whole story. An email list with 10,000 subscribers may appear to represent the pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow. However, the quality of your list is as important as the quantity of subscribers.

Finding the Sweet Spot of Email Frequency

It's all about the sale. That's what's running through the back of your mind when developing and executing an email marketing program. Don't be fooled, however. Continually flooding inboxes with promotions about discounted prices, free shipping and free whitepapers isn't the way to win new customers. It could even take a bad turn and alienate existing relationships.

Pin to Win: How to Use Engaging Visual Bulletin Boards to Build Email Marketing Lists

Unlike social platforms that rely on a limited number of characters to increase brand awareness and product availability, Pinterest focuses on alluring graphics rather than explanations through words. Pinterest and its manly counterpart Gentlemint encourage their growing number of members to collect photos and links to products in order to transform boards into a virtual shopping catalog of the best and most popular products on the web.

How to Drive Business Growth With Email Marketing

When used to its full potential, an email marketing program enables businesses to strengthen customer relationships and drive sales by connecting with subscribers quickly, simply and affordably.

Ensure a Spot on Santa’s Sleigh Using Last-Minute Email Campaigns

There’s still a lot of shopping to be done before Santa jumps on his sleigh. More than 4 percent of consumers say they're delaying the holiday retail ordeal until the final two weeks of December. Whether they’re procrastinating, waiting for the best deals or just can’t figure out the right gift for each recipient, there's still time to sell.

How to Build Customer Loyalty With Event-Driven Thank-You Emails

Studies suggest that showing appreciation can strengthen social relationships and produce positive emotional states. Email marketing is an effective way to thank customers based on specific events. Incorporating a timely, event-driven thank you can have a profitable impact on customer relationships. When a customer feels appreciated they're more likely to return to your store, more likely to purchase, and more likely to recommend you to their family and friends.

3 Tips to Capturing the College Market With Email

College students receive hundreds of emails, many which remain unread. These messages come from a variety of sources — school, extracurricular activities, parents, friends, employers and so on. This clearly causes a problem for anyone trying to reach out to college consumers via email. How do businesses make sure their email campaigns resonate with this target demographic? Here are three tips to aid your efforts:

Why it’s Never Too Early for Retail Holiday Emails

While consumers may still be caught up in the changing colors of fall, now is the time for retailers to begin working on their holiday buzz if they’re hoping for a profitable Christmas. Last year in November and December, retail sales rose to $462 billion. That said, there's a lot of shopping activity already going on. It’s been reported that more than a third of shoppers were already online in May making purchases for the holidays.