Patti Renner

Patti Renner
Clearing the Path to Big Data Initiatives

Big data isn't just about collecting all your data sources into one place. That's important, but it's only part of the whole picture. There's a difference between a "Big Bunch of Data" and "Big Data." As marketers today do their best to wrap their arms around the concepts of big data, it's important to keep a clear vision of what you hope to accomplish so you don't get stuck in the weeds and delay adoption.

4 Ways to Use Big Data for Big Wins

For some marketers, the idea of big data can be a big pain. Perhaps that's because many marketers see themselves as cool creative types, not brainy math geeks. However, for the sake of both campaign return on investment and career advancement, it's time to take a closer look at some basics you'll need to navigate the statistical obstacle course before us, using big data for even bigger wins.

Why Profiles Matter When Reaching the Hyper-Connected Consumer

Once enriched, a profile is like a digital short story of a person's life online. When configured properly, profile data allows marketers to interact with their audience on what feels like a first-name basis. This higher level of relevance has been shown to increase conversion rates and campaign return on investment. Once information is stored in a robust profile-based system, data on each individual's preferences, online behaviors, and search and purchase history can then be used for more meaningful communications.

Message Relevance Begins With Data Management

Your audience is looking for a reason to ignore you. Maybe not you personally, but certainly the marketing campaigns you're putting out to them. However, there's one silver bullet, one surefire way to get consumers’ attention and boost their level of engagement: cross-channel relevance through the use of universal profiles.

Strategies for Increasing Your Email Program's Conversion Rate

Your efforts to target email may have an Achilles' heel. It's true that most email marketing gurus recommend sending to niche segments, delivering highly relevant content. Analysts agree, saying that customer-focused messaging within email (and across digital channels) is the best way to go. No matter how well-targeted your email may be, however, consumers aren't likely to click through or take action if your message (or its design) lacks clarity of purpose, sends the reader in too many directions or appears irrelevant.