Neil Rosen

Neil Rosen

Neil M. Rosen is President and CEO of Fairfield, Conn.-based CertainSource, a B-to-C funnel acquisition management and email retargeting solution provider.

Using Intent Data to Drive Customer Acquisition

B-to-C marketers should think of intent data as behavioral bread crumbs — like Hansel and Gretel hoping to find their way home, consumers leave small tidbits of intent throughout their path to purchase, clues that could ensure this path leads to your successful customer acquisition.

Is Email the New Instant Messenger?

One of the reasons people speculate that email will soon be dead is because it simply can't deliver as well as other applications on the need for instant gratification. Instant messaging, texting and smartphone apps all provide people with information they request more expediently than email.

Using Website Re-Engagement to Put the 'R' Back in CRM

Chatter marketing is an expression that describes both the science of monitoring the opt-in customer and a prospect's online behavior. It also describes the art of translating that behavior in ways that allow marketers to deliver personal, powerful campaigns — ones that provide a company's loyal followers with convenient, relevant content and the least intrusive relationship possible.