M.J. Anderson

M.J. Anderson

M.J. Anderson is CMO at multichannel marketing firm, Trekk, Inc.

What Will Your Internet of Things Be?

Whether it’s a print piece, an object or the product itself — or whether you’re a B-to-B or B-to-C marketer — IoT and mobile

IoT for Marketers

What if you could take marketing materials you produce every day and turn them into touchstones that trigger interactive experiences?

Are You Ready for Virtual Reality?

While any company can use virtual or augmented reality in their communications, it won’t be cost-effective unless it fits into your

Consider Your Brand in 3D

There’s a radical shift taking place. Rapid advancement in mobile technology has made virtual reality (VR) a reality. With it comes

Optimize for the Small Screen

Mobile has officially outstripped the desktop for search. In fact, people are doing more of everything on their mobile devices.

Creating Vivid Content Experiences

It's no longer acceptable to just transmit static, one-way messages. And that applies to all marketing communications, not just mobile. It's up to us, as marketers, to create content experiences across all media that appeal to the emotional, as well as the analytical, parts of our audience's brains.

5 Possibilities for Marketing in 3D

Virtual reality and 3D environments offer marketers a new world of ways to engage, connect with and delight customers. Imagine creating virtual environments that not only lets people virtually explore places, products and services, but also use social media to share that 3D world with others. What could your 3D world look like? Here are just a few possibilities:

The Future Looks 3D

The next game-changer in mobile technology has arrived. Marketers looking for the newest interactive experiences are finding it in 3D environments and 360-degree experiences. With hardware and software tools available now, and the promise of even more on the horizon, the applications are limited only by the imagination of marketers and the skill of developers. One thing is certain: We’re quickly moving toward the practicalities of virtual reality.

How to Build a Portal to Better Customer Relationships With Mobile Apps

You’ve seen the statistics: Mobile devices are quickly becoming the gateway to everything media. This new mobile reality has permeated our lives and our culture. I saw a study recently that encapsulates this particular change in culture. Common Sense Media surveyed parents of children 0-8 in the U.S. and found that 38 percent of 2-year-old children and younger have used a mobile device for playing games, watching videos or other media-related purposes. These are toddlers—babies, really—who haven’t learned how to put a sentence together, yet they have no trouble accessing games or cueing up videos.

Gimmick or Game On?

There's been a lot of talk about augmented reality (AR) lately. We've all seen the great examples from companies like Ikea and heard the buzz about Google Glass. But still some marketers call AR a gimmick. They liken it to the buzz a couple of years ago about QR Codes. While QR Codes offered marketers a way to move audiences from a print piece to a digital call to action, AR fundamentally changes the way we interact with audiences.