Mike Mothner

Mike Mothner

Mike Mothner is CEO and founder of Wpromote, a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency.

Google’s Paid Ad Change: What Does it Mean for Marketers?

In March, Google quietly rolled out a change to search results. From a consumer perspective, the page simply appears slightly different: hyperlinks are no longer underlined and ads aren't as prominent as they once were. Minimizing the appearance of ads seems like a natural step toward integrating paid and organic listings. A recent study by Bunnyfoot found that 40 percent of consumers don't know the difference between paid and organic listings. Since consumers are used to ignoring the old ad format, the new format means that marketers can more easily earn clicks from the top paid spot if ads are properly targeted.

Digital Marketers Falling Blindly in Love With Data and Technology

In the Oscar-winning movie "Her," a man falls in love with his operating system but realizes in the end that machines can't actually replace people. The same lesson applies in the world of digital marketing, where brands have fallen head over heels for technology and algorithms.