Melissa Sepos

Melissa Sepos
Market Focus: Video Gamers

Don’t dismiss video game play merely as a rite of adolescence. It represents a booming market that is seeing increases in the number of games available, types of systems and number of people playing. Research shows that most players are between the ages of 18 to 34; however, a recent study by Netherlands-based JuniorSeniorResearch suggests that 51 percent of teens under the age of 15 play video games. Demographics point to a decidedly male market willing to shell out big bucks in pursuit of its hobby. According to the NPD Group, a market research firm based in Port Washington, N.Y., total U.S. consumer spending

List Prospecting Trends

Everyone is trying to save money when it comes to list prospecting. As with any purchase, you want to do your research. Consider the base list price, the type of list and typical response rate, and watch out for hidden costs. While price often is a defining factor for many buyers, quality should play into your decision. And here is where your research pays off. Just like with car shopping, you can buy the least expensive list, but you will probably get the least desired results. Don’t buy on price alone, says Steve Tamke, senior vice president at marketing firm Mokrynskidirect in Hackensack, N.J. You

Save Money on Your Fulfillment Kits

Knowing your audience is a direct marketing basic and is key to saving you money on your fulfillment kits. Your first step in assessing your kit should be determining your goal: new sale, incremental business, customer/prospect awareness. With your goal in mind, develop fulfillment materials that communicate the right information in the most cost-efficient manner to drive the desired response. “Most cost savings are coming from the appropriate use of appropriate materials. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. When companies fail to appropriately segment their audience, they print, produce and ship non-relevant items, which cost money,”

Special Report List Buying Guide

Introduction At a not-so-long-ago List Vision event held by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), I remember hearing either Don Mokrynski or Mal McCluskey state that the number of datacards had practically tripled in recent years. The result: An overwhelming job for brokers trying to make sense of the prospecting opportunities for clients. While I understand the difficulty such datacard proliferation presents to brokers and mailers, it also represents a step forward in the list industry recognizing a need for more segmented and digestible list files. And that diversity is showing up all over the list business. This special report details the immense work

Soar to New Heights With Pilots

By Melissa Sepos Every month when Plane & Pilot magazine arrives, subscribers block out the rest of the world, absorbed in its contents. The articles are practical, how-to pieces that offer recreational pilots advice, amusing anecdotes, new places to visit, legislative information and skills-based stories. This group of fastidious, detail-oriented aviators is interested in learning about the activity, buying the latest gadgets and staying on top of training. In addition, they're also interested in science, engineering and electronics. Ninety-seven percent of general aviation (GA) pilots are male. According to aviation industry estimates, there are about 650,000 active licensed pilots in the

Take Flight With Business Travelers

By Melissa Sepos Life on the road can be lonely. The more than 34 million tired and weary American business travelers are looking for convenience, added-value and premiums to make their more than 200 million trips worth the hassle. According to Business and Convention Travelers 2001 edition, corporate travel comprises 22 percent of total U.S. domestic flights. Of that: <About half of all business trips are taken for general business purposes, such as meetings, presentations and consulting. Of that number, 13 percent are taken for the primary purpose of attending a convention or seminar. <About one-third of business trips include air transportation.

Fitness Buffs

By Melissa Sepos She's the neighbor who gets up to run at 5:30 a.m., the mom who heads to kick-boxing class after dropping off the kids at school and the dad who plays in the basketball league from work. Fitness buffs are not just your garden-variety triathletes or Olympiads. Indeed, the fitness demographic is as diverse of a population as it is profitable. Last year several million consumers—about 30 percent of the U.S. adult population, according to statistics—spent more than $4 billion on exercise-related products. Who They Are Fitness buffs include people who regularly participate in recreational sports or exercise. Most tend

Using Viral Marketing Effectively

By Melissa Sepos Online marketers are having success with viral marketing: messages distributed with the intent of being passed along to grow a marketers e-mail file or increase company or product exposure. The e-mails contain special tracking devices that capture new e-mail addresses for present or future use. The most effective viral marketing campaigns are being done with rich media, typically streaming media. Streaming media, which uses graphics, sound and animation to promote a product, is intriguing and perceived as "cool" by the viewer compelling them to pass the message onto others. Mass marketers, such as film companies, Disney and Pepsi are using