Meredith Cunningham

Meredith Cunningham
Dungarees’ Triggered Email Campaign Yields Positive Results

Like most retailers, Dungarees wanted to do something about abandoned shopping carts on its website. While there isn't an industry standard for abandonment rate, Dungarees had an estimated abandonment rate of 30 percent to 40 percent. "We thought, ‘If we can decrease that rate by 10 percent, it will give us X amount of dollars,’" recalls Darren Baldwin, e-commerce manager for Dungarees.

It's OK, I'm With the Brand

Sometimes a band is more than just a band. It's a brand. A new book from Steve Jones titled "Brand Like a Rock Star" makes just that point. Rock stars and bands, like brands, go through a similar process before making it big. They must find their niche, build their following and then stand out from the competition.

8 Trends Shaping the Future of Email Marketing

The future of email is so bright marketers better put on their shades. A new study from Lyris, The Future of Email, identified eight new trends in email marketing, proving that email marketers can't afford to ignore the fact that the channel remains one of the most popular marketing tools. Here are some best practices centered around those eight trends:

The Galaxy Scores a Goal With Its Email Acquisition Program

Major League Soccer team, the LA Galaxy, sought to increase its number of season ticket holders and email subscribers in a way that its feature superstar David Beckham can't. By arming its interns with iPads at home games, it did just that.

Silverpop Adds Features to Help Marketers in a ‘Mocial’ World

There are so many different ways for marketers to connect to their audience in today's world. From the combination of social media, mobile web, location-based marketing and email comes a new catch phrase: mocial. Silverpop, a marketing technology provider, has launched new product features designed to help marketers reach more consumers in the mocial world.

Newfangled Facebook Tricks to Like

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last few years, Facebook and its e-commerce capabilities is the new hot topic that everyone can't get enough of. With over 750 million users — half of them logging on to the social media site at least once a day — brands can't afford to ignore Facebook. A recent Digital Roadshow webinar from Oneupweb, Constructing a Social Media and PPC Holiday Strategy that Works!, featuring Leah Singer, senior client success specialist at Oneupweb, and Steven Swaney, senior client success specialist at Oneupweb, offered best practices when it comes to Facebook's commerce capabilities.

Study Says Marketers Must Repair Poor Reputations to Reach the Inbox

Email reputation is key in having your messages reach the inbox. If you have a bad reputation, chances are that your messages won't reach the intended audience. A new study from Return Path titled, The Sender Reputation Report: Key Factors That Impact Email Deliverability, urges email marketers to study these factors such as complaint levels, spam traps and unknown users, to ensure the best results possible for your email marketing campaign.

Email Design Best Practices

When it comes to email marketing, the industry is always changing. With the growing presence of smartphones and the mobile web, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. To help you keep up with the herd while maintaining a positive user experience, Responsys outlined new best practices regarding HTML, mobile and text email design in its new whitepaper, Email Design & Coding Recommendations.

First National Capital Corporation Gets an Email Marketing Boost

FNCC, a company specializing in project financing and equipment leasing, needed a cheap and easy solution to help manage its email marketing efforts. With a team of 20 sales representatives, FNCC was looking for a cost-effective solution that allowed its marketing team to send email campaigns on the sales team's behalf with little interaction required between the two departments. Finding a solution proved to be somewhat of a challenge, as FNCC had limited in-house resources and marketing funds.

Ways to Plant Social Media Seeds

Social media is all about growing your brand's outreach and engaging your audience, Sundeep Kapur, author and digital evangelist at NCR Corporation, explained at the Publishing Business Conference & Expo in New York City this week. While social media is a powerful marketing tool, there are more seeds that need to be sown.

Minor League Baseball Team Hits Home Run With Email Campaigns

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ minor league affiliate, the Indianapolis Indians, already had reason to brag: consistent ticket sales have helped the organization turn a profit for the last 38 years. But the 2011 season may take the cake. With help from ExactTarget, a provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions, the Indians were able to sell a record-breaking number of single-game tickets online — a 64 percent increase over last season. How did the Indians do it? By using a personalized approach with its loyal fans.

Customer Complaints Getting You Down?

There's no pleasing everyone. That's a fact. Complaints are going to come no matter what a brand does. And when a customer complains, the phrase "the customer is always right" is repeated over and over. With consumers having more and more access to their peers’ ratings and reviews online and via mobile, one complaint could hurt a brand's image and ultimately its sales. What marketers need to do now is learn how to effectively manage complaints.

8 Tips on How to Use Sweepstakes to Grow Your Subscriber List

Need a new way to engage your email subscribers? Any marketer knows that the main goal of any email campaign is to engage the right subscribers and grow the list. A great way to do that is through a viral campaign or acquisition sweepstakes. A new whitepaper from Listrak, Email Acquisition via Sweepstakes: Attract the Right Subscribers Fast, offers the following tips and guidelines to help you attract the right subscribers, and quickly:

How Ambius Has Found Success on Twitter

As a leading provider of plants to the workplace and a holistic leader in employee wellness, Ambius felt its industry leadership status should be reflected on its Twitter page. Ambius hired public relations firm Vorticom to help make this vision a reality.