Mary Ann Kleinfelter

Mary Ann Kleinfelter
B-to-B: On the Right Track

The most basic form of response tracking requires direct marketers to determine which promotions generate the most sales, orders or inquiries for lead generation. Tracking activity to the promotion that generated it has always been a challenge, especially for B-to-B marketers. The number and complexity of those challenges keeps increasing, but the payback is becoming even more attractive as the latest postage increase makes B-to-B print materials more costly. Fortunately, there are many options B-to-B marketers can use to gain insight into how different promotions perform. A Complex Process Business buyers range from purchasing agents at extremely large technical companies who place orders

Know Your Customer!

By Mary Ann Kleinfelter Analytics that turn database insight into profit ... starting with a look at how trending your housefile can help you forecast the future. Segmentation is a valuable tool you can use to analyze and trend your customer database. With segmentation, you can create groups within your housefile based on past performance, like characteristics, predicted performance or any of a host of methods. The most effective segmentation starts with a plan. The plan should be customer focused and employ those attributes most critical to your business. Identify Meaningful Segments A good place to start is with recency, frequency and monetary

Segmentation - Capitalize on the Differences (1,345 words)

by Mary Ann Kleinfelter Different people behave differently. Business people are no exception. By recognizing differences in your database, you can group customers with like characteristics and capitalize on these attributes in your promotions. What Is Segmentation & Why Do It? Segmentation is used to create groups within your customer and prospect databases based on past performance, like characteristics, predicted performance or any of a host of methods. For example, if you are selling software, it may be critical to segment users of IBM PCs from those who use Macintosh computers.. The immediate result of your segmentation efforts will be a snapshot or profile

Boosting B-to-B Customer Retention (1,185 words)

by Mary Ann Kleinfelter Customer profiling and segmentation have never been more popular, and the reason is simple: We are all in search of more customers who look and act like our very best customers. The data you glean from customer profiling and segmentation is also an essential first step toward understanding and improving customer retention. It is categorically true that different segments of customers are retained differently, and that you should invest more or fewer promotion dollars per segment in the hope of a return any time in the near future. A customer profile is a snapshot of how your customers look and