Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor
Did You Say Mobile Marketing?

A good percentage of articles that we read on mobile marketing in the U.S. focus almost entirely on why it's different here (read: more difficult). Whereas in the rest of the world mobile marketing is sexy ... hot ... the place to be, here the debate quickly descends into the chaos of carriers and operating…

E-mail Marketing

In the early (let's call them pioneering) days of e-mail marketing, generating reasonable response rates and a decent return on investment was pretty easy. Sadly, the enhanced ROI was more a function of the low costs associated with blasting out thousands (nay, millions) of messages to unsuspecting consumers than of smart marketing.

Ad Networks

Ad networks long have been a core component of any media plan. While in the early days of online advertising ad networks struggled to justify their existence, they now are welcomed in every major advertising budget thanks to their reach and scalability. Traditional ad networks can provide immediate results — and working with an ad network facilitates understanding of the marketing challenges, the ever-changing dynamics and the science behind driving greater value from online advertising.

Behavioral Targeting

Today’s consumer is proving to be increasingly elusive. The multiplication of channels and the fragmentation of audiences have driven two imperatives for marketers online. The first is to better identify potential consumers in the funnel early and attract them at the appropriate time. The second is to ensure that your Web property (site, landing page,…