Mark Simon

Mark Simon
What Google Social Search Means for Marketers

Earlier this fall, Google announced the launch of Google Social Search, "an experimental feature that helps you find relevant public web content from people in your social circle," according to Google. What’s the program really about, and how will it impact your search marketing? I’ll provide a few insights here.

eView: Behavorial Targeting Networks Should Learn eBay's Lessons

The biggest recent news item you might have missed is the death of eBay's Online Media Exchange. First articulated in 2005 by maverick marketer Julie Roehm -- who ran marketing for Chrysler at the time -- the Exchange was meant to be an online marketplace for ad spots on radio and cable TV, modeled after NASDAQ. eBay announced its intentions to run a pilot in 2006, launched it in '07, and killed the program this June.

The Secret to Perfect SEM? It's in the Mail

Direct mail and search engine marketing are a lot more similar than you might think. If you understand the similarities between them and where the two channels part ways, you're well on your way to grasping the makings of a good search campaign. I'll go through five comparison points to explain what I mean.

eView: SEO vs. PPC?

Those of us who work in the search marketing business often find ourselves engaged in a debate over which is more important: SEO or PPC.