Mark Brown

Mark Brown
4 Tips That Will Get You Out of Email Jail

Few things scare people more than a run in with the law, and email marketers have had their fair share of terror over the last few years. Just when everyone got over Y2K, along came the ironically named CAN-SPAM, a law written so marketers can't spam. Most recently there's CASL, which imposes strict regulations and penalties for offending parties — regardless of their intention. With the world becoming more wary of the infringement of privacy and privileged information, these kinds of laws are set to become more and more popular as time goes on. That's why it's important to know how to protect your email marketing program as well as yourself with these four simple tips that will help ensure the law won't be knocking down your door any time soon:

3 Proven Ways to Use Triggered Email

We've all run into triggered email at some point in our lives. Triggered email, also known as transactional email, refers to email that's sent after a  particular action has been completed — e.g., requesting for a new password, making an online purchase, when your friend likes a cat photo on Facebook etc. In addition to being convenient, what if you could actually make money from triggered emails? Well, you can. Marketers have been known to increase their revenue by as much as 12 percent from a triggered email program. This article will detail three ways you can make money via triggered email:

3 Industry Trends That Boost Email Campaigns

Clickthrough rates (CTRs) are often used to compare how successful an email campaign is. If people are clicking through your email, they're engaging with it, taking note of the promotions and ultimately keeping your company in their minds. If you're not seeing a decent CTR, you're not achieving anything with them. This article will reveal three of these industry trends and analyze why these industries are seeing such a higher CTR from their emails. In addition, the article will suggest how you may apply them to your own email marketing program to generate customer engagement.

5 Email Consumer Behaviors That Can Make You Money

Information is the currency of the digital age. The more you know, the more you earn and the more you earn, the happier you are. And you want you to be happy, very happy! This article shares five consumer behaviors that you might not know about, but are vital for any email marketer. Because, after all, aren't we all entitled to the pursuit of happiness?

3 Guidelines for Mobile Subject Lines

There are plenty of articles on subject lines and how to get the most out of them, but what about on mobile phones? The mobile subject line has very limited space to perform its job; it's kind of like forcing a tiger to fight in a birdcage. The following simple guidelines will equip you with the tools you need to survive the mobile jungle: