Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez
Social Arithmetic: 5 Steps to Optimize Social Media Marketing

The challenge for marketers trying to get a handle on social media marketing performance today is to understand what information is crucial to catch and distill in order to gain a thorough understanding of the ongoing performance, and ultimately the effectiveness, of activation programs. The following framework for establishing an effective social media marketing performance measurement program should give you a good start towards better interpreting and optimizing the performance of your activation programs.

Doubling Down on Google+?

When determining how to integrate Google+ brand pages into your planning for 2012, it’s important to understand what Google+ is and what it isn’t. By Google’s own admission, Google+ isn't meant to be a social network. Or so it says.

There's an Ad for That

As the expression "there's an app for that" reaches its cultural saturation point, advertisers need to gain a clear understanding of the differences between mobile web and in-app advertising, as well as the importance of context when setting performance expectations.