Loren McDonald

Loren McDonald
What the New iPhone 5 Means for Marketers

The iPhone 5 new feature announcements along with the iOS 6 operating system upgrade have left many talking about the additions, changes and, most importantly, their implications. For marketers, while there's no single game-changing feature, the iPhone 5/iOS 6 launch is a clear signal to any holdout marketers that we've now reached a point where the need for mobile strategy can no longer be ignored.

Email Marketing Tips to Upgrade Your Program to First Class

Any traveler knows there's a big difference between sitting in a middle seat in coach and stretching out in first class. When travelers are looking to do business with travel and tourism companies, they're looking for just that — a first-class experience.

5 Frequently Overlooked Ways to Boost Revenue

During the busy holiday shopping season, retailers are looking for new ways to stand out in crowded inboxes. With shoppers in spending mode, it’s an ideal opportunity to engage them and start building loyalty. By focusing on a few, but often overlooked key areas, retailers can yield incremental revenue opportunities and gain an edge on the competition. Here are five ways to give your retail email program a boost:

What's That Contact Worth?

Today, smart marketers are beginning to tie their marketing activities to the lifetime customer value of various segments of their databases. E-mail is a key ingredient in this approach and can be used to target marketing dollars more effectively by sending more relevant messages and offers. Instead of blasting out a single message to an entire database, a marketer can tailor messages to customer segments based on their lifetime values, both to solidify the relationship with those customers and to try to build the value of lower-performing segments. Targeting messages this way has other rewards, too: More relevant messaging means recipients are more likely to open and act on your e-mail and less likely to unsubscribe, go inactive or simply report your e-mail as spam.