Kim Ann King

Kim Ann King
4 Holiday Site-Testing Strategies That Improve Conversions

If you are like most digital marketers today, you are doing everything you can to increase conversion rates and maximize the ROI of your website. This article explores holiday testing strategies for maximizing conversion drivers and minimizing conversion barriers—the elements that are either helping or hindering the effectiveness of your website. Once you thoroughly understand these strategies, and the principles behind them, you can test and optimize the elements associated with them to improve your Web and mobile conversions.

What You Need to Know About Optimizing the Mobile Channel

If you haven't optimized your website for mobile devices yet, you're likely missing a big opportunity to market to prospects and strengthen engagement with your current customers. When you initiate a plan to mobilize your standard website, you'll save great deal of time, money and resources by doing it right the first time.

How to Start Optimizing Your Website Today

You think you have a great website, but do you? If you're not testing and targeting, you're likely not making the most of your online presence. Research shows that many companies still aren't testing, and as a result are losing ground to competitors who are.

6 Ways to Optimize Landing Page ROI

The job of the retail website is more important and more difficult than ever, especially when it comes to a multichannel sales strategy. Visitors arrive at your website through a variety of online channels: pay per click and organic search, email offers, mobile coupons, print ads, among other things. Once at your site, consumers need to be able to easily act upon a promotion or buy a specific product.