Katie Kuehner-hebert

Katie Kuehner-hebert
Taking Care of Business

Though banks took the blame for it, the 2007/2008 "financial crisis" was not easy on any financial firms, including the First Horizon National Corp. in Memphis, Tenn., parent company of First Tennessee Bank. After selling off its national mortgage business when the financial crisis hit and shuffling management, the company began to refocus on one of its core strengths: serving commercial customers.

Presidential Email Best Practices: Do You Know Better Than Obama and Romney?

Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations at Silverpop, has been analyzing emails from the Barack Obama and Mitt Romney presidential campaigns. He finds that both employ marketing best practices, and both also sometimes step on their own marketing toes. Here is a quiz to see how well you know what political candidates—and commercial marketers—can do to excite supporters, or turn them off.

The Direct Marketing Election

The 2012 presidential election is important to direct marketers for reasons that have nothing to do with who wins or loses. It has been shaped by the tools of direct marketers—and many that marketers are only just starting to explore. It's not just politics imitating marketing, but perhaps also a glimpse into direct marketing's future.

Are You Ready for Big Data?

Direct marketers have been managing consumer data for decades. But as technology has increased the ways consumers interact with brands, marketers are confronting the prospect of "Big Data"—data sets that have grown so large and complex that they've become increasingly difficult to analyze, but offer greater rewards and competitive advantage for those who do.

Big Data Extra: Q&A With KBM's Tom Young

What are the most important things marketers need to know about big data? We asked Tom Young, executive vice president of client services at the marketing solutions firm KBM Group in Houston, to help put it in perspective.