Kara Trivunovic

Kara Trivunovic
4 Steps to Effective Lifecycle Email Marketing

Lifecycle messaging is a hot topic of conversation these days. It meets the fundamental needs of email marketers to be timely, relevant and efficient. However, many are deterred by the undertaking due to a commonly held belief that it will be complicated and tedious to implement. While it's true that nothing good ever comes easy, getting started with lifecycle messaging isn’t rocket science. Here are four steps you can take to navigate the development and implementation of lifecycle messaging simply and effectively:

3 Tips for Plugging Your E-mail into Your CRM Efforts

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for every e-mail marketer should be relevance: sending the right message to the right person at just the right time. The best way to accomplish that relevance is by leveraging data, which can be a daunting task for many because the data doesn't likely exist in one place. But when you do have access to data through a CRM system, the possibilities are endless, which also can be counter-productive in trying to get a program under way.

4 Tips on Converting E-mail Subscribers to Buyers

Looking to get a bit more "lift" from your current e-mail programs? E-mail marketers are correct in their general assumption that the larger your audience, the more opens, clicks and conversions you might ultimately receive. But how do you take your current recipient database and punch up your e-mail communications to provide a more relevant experience, thus improving conversions with your housefile?

4 E-mail Appending Best Practices

If you've been in the e-mail marketing space for a while, you've no doubt heard numerous debates on using e-mail appends to grow your list. If you're just entering the space and wondering what I'm talking about, it involves adding a missing e-mail address to a customer record in your database, which typically is done through a third-party provider.