Julian S. Scott

Julian S. Scott
3 Tips for Maximizing Prime Real Estate Within Emails

It's essential to design your emails for prime real estate (i.e., the above-the-fold zone), which is approximately 300 pixels to 500 pixels from the top-left corner both vertically and horizontally. By doing so, you're taking into account many of the common obstacles that prevent your emails from being read and acted upon. Follow these three tips to optimize your email campaigns:

Striking the Right Balance With Email Content

Ultimately, the purpose of almost all email messages is to facilitate engagement and guide recipients to take action on a landing page or website. Generally, the most effective way to do this is to highlight critical content that's easily scanned and acted upon. Sometimes though, you have to include more supporting content to get to that point. The question is, once you consider such factors as inbox competition, emerging communication channels and rendering issues, what's the right amount?

6 Ways to Integrate Social Media Into Your Email Acquisition and Retention Efforts

A great way to integrate social media into your overall digital marketing mix is to introduce it into your existing email marketing acquisition and retention efforts. To establish a natural synergy and ongoing connection between the two channels, there are six basic things you should do. They include the following:

eView: How Video Will Transform Email Marketing

The emergence of online video offers a unique opportunity for email marketers to connect more strongly with their audiences. While using the wrong kind of video in an email campaign will frustrate consumers, using the right kind can create a powerful brand experience.