Joel Book

Joel Book
iPad 2 is a Game Changer for Email Marketers

iPads have changed the way people communicate and go about their daily lives. Compared to the relatively slow adoption of Windows-based tablet computers, the iPad was a runaway success right out of the gate. Within two months of its launch in the spring of 2010, there were 2 million iPads in circulation. Many of those first iPads found their way into the briefcases of marketing and sales professionals.

6 Steps to a Successful Subscriber Preference Center

To serve your email subscribers effectively, you must become a good listener. And one of the smartest things you can do to serve subscribers is create a “subscriber preference center,” or landing pages where each new subscriber can identify their needs and interests by telling you what offers and invitations they'd like to receive. Armed with this knowledge and equipped with the right email communications software, you're now prepared to “serve” your subscribers by delivering personalized email content.

3 Things Every Email Marketer Needs to Know About the iPad

There are skeptics and there are fanatics, but one thing is certain: Email marketers will be jumping at the chance to capitalize on Apple’s iPad. The real question is whether these marketers will fall flat on their faces. Marketers will contend with a host of challenges as they eagerly delve into this uncharted territory, and how they respond will make or break their chances of adding yet another one-to-one marketing channel to their collections.