Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert has been creating direct marketing programs that drive superior ROI for almost 30 years. Fluent in consumer or B-to-B, creative, operations, and analytics, he marries the strategic and tactical sides of direct and social media marketing in a seamless fashion that gets results. He’s CEO of a multidiscipline direct marketing agency, Gilbert Direct Marketing, Inc., which focuses on direct mail, catalogs, DRTV, telemarketing, print, alternative direct marketing media and social media marketing. Jim has been involved in start-ups, expansions and turnarounds, and is an expert in helping multichannel marketers get to the “next level.” He’s a former adjunct professor, teaching direct marketing at Miami International University, and is President of the Board of Directors of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. Jim loves to talk direct marketing, and has done many lectures on direct and social media marketing.

Use Social Media for Followers, Fans and Viewers

In recent years, there has been a global shift all marketers had to face head on. No longer can marketers push out advertising messages and expect a traditional order path. Impulse buying has given way to informed and researched buying via search engines, comparison shopping sites and more. The most important shift, however, has occurred through social media.

A Corporate Blogging Primer, Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I discussed the many ways to add value to your blog and cement your brand to your readers — essentially your customers and prospects. In part 2, I get a bit personal, offering some tips I’ve used to build my personal direct marketing blog and others.

A Corporate Blogging Primer

When used correctly, blogs can be an excellent tool for engaging prospects and customers — especially in today's environment, when the companies we deal with are more machine than human. We call in and get interactive voice response rather than a live person. We read FAQs instead of speaking to customer service reps. It’s an isolated feeling. So when I create a blog, I do the following three things:

Superior Product, Exceptional Customer Service

In today's social media age, it’s not enough to just build a brand and assume it'll flourish. More than ever, companies need customers to be emotionally cemented to their brands via superior products and exceptional customer service.

Disney Uses Engagement to Capture Customers

From the earliest days, relevance has been the goal for most direct and online marketers. Today, however, relevance is not nearly enough. Now, marketers need to focus on one-to-one relevant communications.