Ivan Levison

Ivan Levison
How Often Should You Mail? 4 Ways to Do It Right

One of my favorite quotes comes from John D. Rockefeller. It's on my wall and reminds me to keep planning my work and working my plan. Rockefeller wrote: "I do not think there is any quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost anything, even nature." Over the years, successful direct mailers have learned this lesson well. They know that they can't mail just once and pray for great results. They have to create multiple mailings that make money

Three Great Lines That Made the Sale

Often, when it comes to closing the sale, one terrific argument, one master-stroke of persuasion, can overcome the prospect's resistance. Here are three stories of how terrific salespeople turned me from a prospect into a sale.

7 Secrets of Successful Fulfillment Mailings

Don't spend time, energy, and money developing a hot lead-generating piece, and then neglect the important fulfillment mailing — the mailing in which you "fulfill" the request and deliver the promised free item.

How to Create a Killer Offer - A Case History

A while ago, I got a subscription mailing from Inc. magazine that was so fresh and compelling, I had to tell you about it. As you may have noticed, magazine subscription packages are all pretty much the same and you'd think that it would be tough to come up with a new approach. But that's exactly what Inc. magazine did.

How to Improve Tag Lines and Corporate Slogans

At its best, a corporate slogan is like a Japanese haiku — a highly concentrated form of expression that attempts to communicate an essence, a distilled truth loaded with meaning and significance. At its worst, it's puffed-up, self-congratulatory nonsense. Let's take a look at some corporate slogans, good and bad, and see what we can learn from them.

How Often Should You Mail Prospects?

So you've bought into the idea of mailing prospects or customers more than once. How should you go about handling your remailing efforts? Here are just four ideas for you to consider.

Direct Response Copywriting - Keep on Truckin'

Think of pickup-truck advertising on TV and what comes to mind? Macho guys heaving heavy loads onto truck beds. This is nothing new. We've seen it all before. Yet, watching a recent football playoff game, I came across a truck commercial that handled things very differently …

A Taxing Direct Mail Problem

I live in the Ross Valley, an area about ten miles north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Recently, I received a ballot sent to all Ross Valley residents, that allowed us to vote (by mail only) on a new flood-control tax measure.

What's the Right Length of Your Landing Page?

Should your landing page be short and sweet and to the point? Or should it be long, fact-filled and loaded with irresistible benefits? The answers to these questions depends on what your landing page is trying to accomplish. A little background ... landing pages are of two types

Don't Be Shy. Ask for the Sale!

My wife and I were sitting in the car dealer's cubicle. The moment of truth was arriving fast. We had taken a test drive and made our final offer. The salesman had "taken our offer to his Sales Manager" (yeah, sure), and returned to us to engage in the final, desperate hand-to-hand battle.

This Is About "You"

There is a huge difference between the writing styles of advertising agency copywriters and direct response copywriters. "Image" agency writers are long on style and attitude. Direct response copywriters rely on benefits, facts and powerful emotions (fear, greed and the like).

6 Ways to Get a "Lift"

"Read this only if you have decided NOT to take advantage of this incredible offer!" You've probably seen this line, or one just like it, a thousand times before. It's always on the cover of a small, folded slip of paper that's an inevitable part of your junk mail. Except this little piece of paper definitely isn't junk. It works. It lifts response. In fact, that's why, in the copywriting business, it's known as a "lift letter." (You may also see it referred to as a "publisher's letter" or a "second letter.")

This "Magic Word" Still Has Its Power

I was walking through our local shopping center and noticed something out of the ordinary seemed to be going on at the Ben & Jerry's store. Instead of the usual handful of customers inside, a long line of customers of all ages snaked out the door for about 30 yards! What the heck was going on? I asked a woman what the long line was all about, and she answered, "free ice cream."

Five Email Mistakes ... and How to Avoid Them

As any direct marketing pro knows, email can be an affordable and increasingly targetable communications tool. What's more, it can give you answers to important marketing questions super fast.