Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin

Described as a fast-talking, fiery redhead, Heather Lloyd-Martin is a 20-year marketing veteran, a recognized author and considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting. Recognized worldwide as a first-generation search marketing expert, she has been training corporate in-house SEO copywriters and creating revenue-driving Web site content campaigns via her consultancy, SuccessWorks.

Sexy and You Know It

Have you been trying to seduce Google into giving your Web pages a number one spot—but Google keeps spurning your advances? There could be a good reason for that. You could be trying to "dress up" your content too much, and it's falling flat with the Big G. Part of that difficulty comes from the need to seduce Google. Instead of authentically writing great content—content that grabs their readers and doesn't let go—they focus instead on giving Google what they "think" it wants.

6 Questions to Ask Your SEO Copywriter

Have you decided that outsourcing your SEO copywriting and content development strategy is the best bet for your business? (If you're not sure, see last month's blog post.) Now here comes the hard part: Finding the right SEO copywriter for your needs.

Successfully Bring Your SEO Copywriting In-House

The marketing manager of a large e-commerce site recently filled me in on a challenge she was having. She knew her content needed an SEO copywriting intervention—but she didn't have the budget for a keyphrase editing or rewrite campaign.

5 Ways to Make Your Product Copy "Pop"

Yesterday, I got a call from a highly frustrated e-commerce marketer: "We have a smart in-house SEO and our platform is solid. The problem is, our product pages aren't ranking. What are we doing wrong?"

5 Ways Marketers Mess Up Their Content Marketing Campaigns

I hear it all the time: "We tried content marketing and this 'SEO copywriting stuff.' But it didn't work for us." When I dig a little deeper, I unearth an important fact: The campaign didn't work because the marketer got in its own way—and unfortunately, this fumbling caused its campaign to fail.

Is Your Catalog Site Missing the SEO Copywriting Boat?

Yesterday, the marketing coordinator for a well-known catalog site contacted me about SEO copywriting services. "Our product pages aren't ranking," she said. "We heard we should 'add keyphrases to our copy,' but we're afraid that keyphrases will make the copy sound spammy." Ah yes, the old "keyphrases are bad" myth.

Talk to the (Twitter) Hand: The Perils of Non-Engagement

Every day, companies are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon—and perhaps, yours has done the same. Maybe it's the lure of gaining new followers. Or possibly the attraction comes from all those Twitter success stories circulating the 'Net. Or maybe it's because Twitter takes five minutes to set up and doesn't cost a dime. That's OK, too. The thing is, many brands forget that Twitter is more than having a "who's bigger" follower list or having the ability to Tweet pithy sales pitches.

Marketers, Stop Ignoring Your Content Marketing Strategy

As I write this, I'm on the plane heading back from DMA09. While I was moderating the Search Marketing Experience Labs, one common element ran through every site review: When you ignore your SEO content marketing strategy, you're hobbling your conversions, ignoring your customers and forfeiting your search engine rankings. Here's why.

Update Your Virtual Mullet

Tom Chu and Dominic Leung, owners of Luster Forever, found themselves in need of an extreme search engine optimization content strategy makeover. The partners launched their jewelry Web site in July 2008. Chu, previous owner of another successful site, eAutoWorks.com, created the design. Leung wrote the initial copy. They worked with a consultant to nail down the target market—fashion-forward women ages 18-35. The partners even traveled to China and hand-picked hard-to-find pieces.

Boost Sales With Smart SEO Content Strategy

Marketing visionary Seth Godin said, “The best SEO (search engine optimization) means good content.” A SEO content strategy results in more than search engine positions. Savvy SEO copywriting seamlessly blends direct-response copywriting with smart SEO techniques, encouraging conversions and sales. Leverage the power of SEO content by implementing these five powerful tips, right now: 1. Build content reflecting all phases of the sales cycle. How people search indicates where they are in the sales cycle. In the awareness phase, people search using generic keyphrases—like “SLR digital camera.” Searches become more specific as people move through the sales cycle (for example, “Sony SLR camera

Three Tips to Boost Your SEO Results

Persuasive SEO copywriting satisfies two masters—the search engines and prospects. Here are some ideas that work for both. * It’s alright to revise your company’s Web pages gradually. To decide what pages to work with first, consider any upcoming sales or promotions you want to promote, product or service pages that aren’t currently positioning, and any pages that may be important to your brand. * Content opportunities are everywhere. By simply adding customer-centered or generated content, such as articles, FAQs and blogs, your company can overcome objections, provide information your prospects want to know and enjoy additional opportunities for search engine positioning. These are