Grant A. Johnson

Grant A. Johnson
The Forgotten Format Test

If you've been involved in direct mail marketing for more than 30 days, then you've heard and understand THE critical formula factor for success: first, the lists you use; second, the offers/messaging you make; third, the creative you use; fourth, the timing and other attributes. For the purpose of this article, let's focus on the creative side.

Brand Advertising: Bust or Boost?

Recently I was presenting at the DMA 2010 conference in San Francisco, picking on a few poorly written brand ads and direct mail pieces when an attendee took issue with my critique of a high-end premium brand's effort.

Copywriting From the Recipient's Vantage Point

The best way to make your direct mail marketing more effective and discover trends is to analyze the pieces that are sent to you each day. You'll likely be amazed how much things can be improved.

Overlooked Customer Communication Tools Often Lift ROMI

Seasoned direct response professionals understand that while your first customer order is important, the next, and often elusive, second order, is almost as critical. Once someone purchases from you initially, they are a buyer, but when they buy from you twice, they become a customer.

7 Rules to Testing in a Down Economy

During rough economic times, it's easy for those who control the budget to say that if response rates are down, they don't want to invest in testing—"You can't spend money if you're not making money." To certain executives, this actually makes sense. But others, the wise ones, know that the time to spend more marketing dollars is when sales are down.

An Ode to the Self-Mailer

You’ve heard the old line, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Well, the economy couldn’t be much tougher, and that’s what makes this the ideal time to get moving.