German Sacristan

German Sacristan
Rethinking Resource Allocation

Money is an imperative marketing ingredient—you need it to drive sales. At the same time, money cannot guarantee success on its own. It is not only about how deep your marketing pockets are, but how you are going to invest that money.

What Are the Consequences of Bad Marketing?

I am worried that the art of good marketing and sales, which has always been appreciated by customers, might vanish due to bad marketing. Marketing itself might, in a strange way, become more of a commodity, and the art of promoting and selling one-to-one—as has been done for decades—might become almost impossible. I clearly remember the days when customers wanted to be sold to, and therefore helped marketers.

6 Simple Steps to Better Return on Marketing Investment

Marketers seem so excited with the new media channels, technologies and buzzwords available today that it almost feels like some think that because they are using them, they will be successful. Some marketers are so excited about the new capabilities that they choose technologies and channels before developing a real strategy. From a marketing perspective this is fundamentally wrong. It's like putting the cart before the horse. Here are six simple steps that will keep you on the right path to better return on marketing investment.