Gerhard Jacobs

Gerhard Jacobs
Gmail’s New Inbox Enables More Targeted Marketing

The most important thing to always keep in mind about email marketing is that it's personal. Email is unlike other forms of mass media in the sense that even with the ever-changing privacy settings we have on social media, email remains yours and yours alone. This does, however, create a bit of a problem if your business relies on digital marketing, as email forms the backbone of all direct marketing activities

Social Currency: The New Way to Spend

Social currency as a theme in business encompasses a broad spectrum of interlocking ideas that all form a single, cohesive B-to-C or B-to-B engagement process. Rather than thinking of it as a product of your efforts, social currency should be considered the halfway point between what business invests in networking activities and the outcome, which is brand expansion through social engagement. Think of it as a tool to take us to the last step.

Product Performance: Is it Still Enough?

Today's digital marketing environment encapsulates a multitude of marketing mega-players; niche agencies with their specialist approach; and startups with young, energetic teams. In an industry as diverse as this, surely one would expect companies with the "right formula" to survive and even thrive. The question you have to ask, however, is whether performance is still enough to ensure sustained growth and genuine engagement?

Mailbox: Is it a Case of ‘If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it?’

So Apple has decided to replace the faithful Orchestra with an entirely new creature altogether. As far as mobile email access goes, it's not always as smooth as one would hope, and the new partnership between Steve's legacy and Dropbox aims to smooth over the cracks of past operators. The question is have they succeeded and just how user friendly is Mailbox?

The Role of Media Convergence in Digital Marketing

If you haven't yet heard of or started practicing media convergence, then now is the time. In the hyperconnected world of digital marketing and sales, it's easy to lose the attention of those you're looking to punt a product to. Keeping consumers engaged — engaged being the key word here and one you'll read about throughout this article — is essential in both marketing and sales campaigns.

Why Opting for Shortcode Marketing Pays Off

Shortcode marketing, a simple, short sequence of numbers used to send and respond to mobile messages from businesses, offers a consumer-controlled, truly interactive B-to-C exchange. Shortcode marketing offers businesses a cost-effective way of engaging consumers as well as an active user base that reflects real-time interaction between the business and the consumer.