George Bilbrey

George Bilbrey
Deliverability Dilemmas Solved: Will Moving to a New IP Address Fix Our Sender Reputation?

Q: Our sender reputation is pretty bad. I know we need to make changes to our email program, but are we better off just moving to a clean IP address to get out from under the mess we've made?

A: It sounds so logical and works in so many other areas: When things are going badly, make a fresh start. Unfortunately, in the world of email reputation and deliverability, there are no fresh starts. Why? Well, the reason reputation metrics are so important is that they help ISPs differentiate your email from spammers. 

Reach the Inbox

When it comes to e-mail deliverability, there is only one way to ensure success: Build a good reputation. The perception ISPs and other receivers have of the mail sent by your mail servers determines whether or not your e-mail stays clear of spam filters and gets delivered to the inbox. Unfortunately, most marketers don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to determining delivery issues, much less figuring out what ISPs think of them. There are two sides to e-mail delivery: the pre-campaign best practices that build your reputation, and the ongoing management necessary to track delivery rates and potential problems. The following