Eve Grey

Eve Grey

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then an effective direct marketing sales conversion video can be worth 10,000. Online Video Marketing Deep Dive shows how fusing direct marketing with video marketing delivers sales. As technology has driven fundamental changes in direct marketing,

Eve Grey has been in the film industry for over 20 years as both an actress and a film maker. She currently works as a Producer and Director for one of the leading automotive advertising firms in the country. Eve also is one of the featured bloggers for Herman Advertising and 12 Grove Productions in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Eve studied comedy at the 2nd City in Detroit in 1999 and spent 4 years studying acting at the Actors Workshop in Royal Oak, Michigan. She is also an Automotive Sales Veteran and has a degree in Human Service from University of Phoenix. Miss Grey is also a board member for American Advertising Federation in the Fort Lauderdale chapter. In her spare time she works on a television show in development called “Families of Deployment”.

Are Your Videos Champions of Your Brand?

If you advertise in an ordinary way, it's safe to expect ordinary results. However, when you take the extreme and it doesn't work, then what do you do? Answer: Consider your branding checklist! Video production is nothing short of being an ambassador of your brand's strategy. Video, just like with your other advertising tools, is something that has to be maintained regularly. Most times when a campaign has failed, it's because of confusion with your brand.

Geo-Targeted Mobile Marketing Is Not a Trend

Video accounts for 50 percent of all mobile data. Experts are predicting that geo-targeted mobile marketing will be the hottest trend for 2014. A large majority of mobile advertising focuses on location, as this is one of the biggest advantages to utilizing this type of marketing. Along with geo-targeting comes a ton of great reasons to include video into your marketing mix if you haven't yet

Using Video Production as Part of Your Customer Retention Strategy

Video is a tool designed to communicate with your customers. If you follow the statistic "80 percent of your future revenue will come from 20 percent of your current customers," you know that the greatest part is to keep your customers happy so they keep coming back. The best way to preserve your clients is to keep them engaged.  You can keep your clients engaged by offering new videos about your product or service

Optimizing Your Video: Expert Answers to 10 Important Questions

Marketing is pivotal to increasing the virality of your video content. Businesses are using video more as a integral part of their marketing mix. However, what good is video if no one knows where to find it? You can spend a million dollars producing the most cinematic 30 seconds of your career and only get 20 views on YouTube if you don't optimize the video. In this post, digital marketing specialists Jose Victor Castellanos and John D. Saunders from Unity Digital Marketing, took the time to answer some very important questions on optimizing video.

7 Ways to Polish Your Video Concept and Message

Whether you've been using video to market your product or services for a long time or are just getting started, there is always the question of content: "What do I do a video about"? Let's face it, there are more bad video's on YouTube than good ones. This week's article will focus on seven steps to polish your idea process.

Manage Your Team, and Answer Important Questions While You Travel

Did you realize that you have a way to communicate with your team right in your back pocket? True or False: Only wealthy companies use video and film production? Statement: It's impossible to be two places at once. Did you realize that even while you're traveling you could answer questions, and keep your team informed? If you travel heavily for your company and are an executive or leader, this article will help you by offering some new communication solutions

DIY Video: You Can, But When Should You?

Have you ever walked into a business with dirty windows? What were your thoughts? Do you like listening to radio that's full of static and sounds like it's being broadcast from a cave? Then you can understand the results people get after viewing do-it-yourself videos. With smart phones becoming even smarter, a lot more folks are shooting their own business videos. Just because you can shoot your own doesn't always mean you should. However if you do decide to DIY, try to keep these key tips in mind.