Debra Jason

Debra Jason
4 Easy Ways to Get Great Results from Your Copywriter

Perhaps you're a small or large business getting ready to launch an advertising or marketing campaign. Or maybe, you're an ad agency or design firm with an overflow of work you can't handle without extra assistance. You don't have the creative talent in-house, so you know you'll have to call upon an independent writer and/or designer to assist you.

Are You Talking to Me?

You open a brochure or go to a website and it doesn't take long before you decide that this isn't the product or service for you. What comes across isn't how you benefit from the product, but "how wonderful" the company is that is selling it. In a national conference call I presented in January, one of the points the moderator and I discussed was how many companies think it's important to "strut their stuff" and tell their prospects just how wonderful their company is.

Part II: The Power of the Newsletter

In last month's edition of Inside Direct Mail, you read how a good promotional newsletter offers valuable, worthwhile information to its readers. This month you'll read pointers on choosing stories that interest those readers along with tips for writing headlines.

Part I: The Power of the Newsletter

When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. A lot of words (and money) are spent on brand, but few companies put out newsletters today.

Marketing in Turbulent Times

When times get tough, as they are today, many companies begin cutting back. Sometimes they let employees go and stop there. Other times, they eliminate their marketing. Don't do it.