Debora Haskel

Debora Haskel
Controlling Print Costs

It's true postage is usually the single-most expensive part of any direct mail campaign. But if you're not careful, printing costs can consume a large portion of your budget, as well. Here are eight tips you can implement tomorrow to keep your print production costs on a healthy diet.

Send Green, 
Save Green

Direct marketers have become increasingly savvy about the positive impact environmental policies have on their brands, in addition to the policies' main intent of improving sustainability and lessening environmental impact. But challenging your design, production and printing partners to help meet sustainability goals also can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are 10 tips that will make your direct mail efforts more "green," and save money.

User's Guide to Commingling

More than 10 years ago, commingling was introduced to marketers as a way to reduce postage costs and get mail in-home faster. The monetary benefits of commingling are numerous—highest possible automation discounts, deepest penetration into the postal system, lowest postage expense—yet concerns about how it works cause some to turn away from savings opportunities.

Reduce Direct Mail Paper Waste

Sustainability is on the minds of marketing, procurement and production managers as concerns about climate change continue to grow. Many companies are introducing mandates to reduce, reuse and recycle materials in every facet of their operation—including paper-based direct mail programs. The following suggestions will help ensure your next campaign wastes as little paper as possible: Communicate with your partners. Many of the best ways to reduce paper waste in direct mail production have little to do with paper itself. Reducing paper waste begins with effective design. Be sure your design and production staffs are working closely with your printer to facilitate optimum imposition of

Five Ways to Incorporate Personalization Into Your Direct Mail

By Debora Haskel To be successful, a direct mail package must grab your customer's attention, build a desire for your product or service, and create a call to action. Today's personalization technology makes it possible to do that, but efficient and effective use of personalization requires a strategy, a budget and an understanding of what your print vendor can do. Here are five ways you can incorporate personalization into your next direct mail promotion: 1. It's probably a given that a name and address will appear on your letter, especially when your letter is the address vehicle for your package. Additionally, inserting the name

Outsource Solutions: Production

Vendor Coordination Checklist Working with a vendor that acts as your supply chain simplifies the direct mail production process. If it doesn’t, find another supplier! Sometimes, perhaps because of existing inventory or a transition in vendors, you find yourself working with multiple vendors to manufacture and mail your direct mail package. The following is a checklist that can ease the pain of managing multiple components through multiple vendors: • Current Specifications. Make sure you have current specifications from each vendor. A new piece of equipment or a new vendor may offer better quality, faster throughput and new format options, but it also