Daryl Gale

Daryl Gale
E-mail List Building Basics

When it comes to building your e-mail list through search engine marketing (SEM), say experts, a comprehensive plan of action is equally as important as the need for immediate action. Sadly, it’s in this area that marketers tend to put the cart before the horse. “It’s more about Web site construction than Web site style,” says Frank Siano, vice president of SEM for eWayDirect, an e-messaging service provider based in Norwalk, Conn., that builds and supports Internet-based software applications designed to help marketers communicate with customers and prospects. “You really do have to start with the basics, and that means constructing the site with

Yankelovich’s David Bersoff on Giving Consumers the Gift of Time

According to Finding Time, a new study released last week by marketing consultancy Yankelovich, half of consumers across all income levels consider the lack of time a more pressing concern than a lack of money. At the height of the holiday shopping season, the study concludes, savvy marketers will recognize this and consider time saving the ultimate added value consumers are looking for. Target Marketing talked to David Bersoff, Yankelovich’s senior vice president and author of the study, about what it all means and how marketers can take advantage of this growing consumer attitude. Target Marketing: “Time is money” is not a new concept, especially in

Levenger’s Lynette Montgomery on SEM

As search engine marketing has grown over the past several years, savvy online marketers have been able to reap the benefits of getting out in front of the technology, and keeping themselves ahead of the curve. One such company is Delray Beach, Fla.-based Levenger, an upmarket retailer of reading accessories, lighting, leather briefcases and more. Here, Lynette Montgomery, Levenger’s vice president of e-commerce, explains to Target Marketing how the multichannel marketer embraced SEM, and what it sees as its future. Target Marketing: What specific changes have you made to your site to better optimize it for search engines? Lynette Montgomery: There have been many. We created over

Build Credibility to Convert

Today’s consumers are bombarded with countless marketing messages trying to sell them everything under the sun. As a consequence, most people filter out as many of these messages as possible, notes Jim Murphy, CEO of Murphy Communications in Upper Darby, Pa. Murphy offered his expertise at the Marketing Magic: Successful Strategies in Online and Offline Direct Marketing seminar sponsored by the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association in November 2006. One way to cut through the clutter, says Murphy, is to focus squarely on what your product or service can provide for your customer, and be convincing enough to make the customer a true believer. After

Sharpen Your Focus to Increase ROI

A shotgun approach may be fine for duck hunting, but not if you’re hunting for prospective customers in a business-to-business environment, according to Terry Jukes, founder and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based consulting firm, B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence. Instead, Jukes recommends B-to-B marketers take a more focused approach. “Test more single-minded offers. Time and again, I see B-to-B direct marketers mail ‘the kitchen sink’ and hope that something attracts a new customer. While I agree with communicating the complete range of what you sell, often the message can become confusing, when a 50-page catalog is the offer,” he says. “Think about your audience by list

The Branding Byproduct of SEM

Search engine marketing is about getting your rankings increased, working your way to the top of the search engine results, and boosting your number of qualified leads. Branding is about making your company’s name a household word, getting customers to react instinctively to your product, and engendering trust. Two completely separate marketing campaigns, right? Not if you’re smart, says Michael Stalbaum, CEO of UnREAL Marketing, a full-service marketing and advertising agency based in Narberth, Pa. “If you think about it, branding is nothing more than getting your company’s name associated with an action,” Stalbaum says. “In the case of SEM, you want that action to

The National Geographic Society’s Karen Rice Gardiner on Direct Mail

Hardly a day goes by when the average American consumer doesn’t come home from work to find a few pieces of direct mail in the mailbox. We’ve all gotten used to the routine of opening the pieces that we find important, relevant or interesting, and tossing the ones we don’t. Given the scant few seconds marketers have to capture the attention and imagination of their intended audience, it takes an enormous amount of creative talent to successfully place those relevant messages in the right mailboxes and get them opened. This week, Target Marketing caught up with Karen Rice Gardiner, director of creative services for

Avid Technologies’ Christina Howe on Implementing SEO Recommendations

Here’s a jaw-dropping statistic: 64 percent of companies that outsource search engine optimization (SEO) duties don’t bother to follow up on the recommendations of the SEO experts they contract. This according to a study conducted by Jupiter Research and commissioned by iProspect, a search engine marketing firm based in Watertown, Mass. His team wasn’t surprised at the findings, says iProspect President Robert Murray. “Sixty-four percent is a very high number,” he says. “But the pressing question is why so many marketers fail to implement the recommendations of their outside SEO firm. There’s a lack of understanding of the costs involved, a lack of commitment by

Direct Marketing Association’s Peter Johnson on the Year Ahead in Direct Marketing

Direct marketers, like everyone else in the business world, fret about and second guess the decisions they made yesterday, and lie awake at night worried about the decisions to be made tomorrow. While such is the nature of the game, marketers can take heart that there’s someone else burning the midnight oil: Peter Johnson, a Ph.D. economist and the Direct Marketing Association’s vice president of research and market intelligence. Johnson keeps late hours analyzing data, crunching numbers and checking his crystal ball, all in an effort to give direct marketers an accurate picture of what happened last quarter, or last year, and of what’s

Good Hygiene Keeps ISPs From Calling You a Stinker

Considering the number of professional relationships that must be developed to realize a decent ROI from your e-mail campaign, your relationship with your Internet service provider (ISP) may not be your top priority. Just send e-mail campaigns and wait for the results, right? Wrong, say industry insiders. Your relationship with your ISP could, and often will, make or break your campaign. It’s the critical difference between having your e-mails end up in your intended customers’ inboxes, or having them bounced back to you as undeliverable. “Hygiene has to be your number one priority, bar none,” says Jay Schwedelson, corporate vice president of Worldata, a

Niman Ranch’s Steve Kerford on ‘Going Direct’

Niman Ranch sells direct-to-consumer pork, beef and lamb—products that don’t usually lend themselves to direct marketing, least of all online sales. But Niman Ranch has had tremendous success (projected 2006 revenues of nearly $100 million) doing just that. Target Marketing got Steve Kerford, director of online sales for Niman Ranch, to reveal a few of those marketing secrets for this week’s Q-and-A. Not surprisingly, Kerford says selling meat direct to consumers involves a little sizzle, and a lot of steak. Target Marketing: How did Niman Ranch begin the branding process? Steve Kerford: Back in the 1970s, when [San Francisco celebrity chef] Alice Waters opened her restaurant Chez

Add Personalization to Improve E-mail Sales

Sales lagging? E-mail marketing campaign petering out? The problem may not be the campaign itself, but your implementation. In a whitepaper commissioned by RightNow Technologies called Vital Marketing: Ten Core Tactics to Improve Marketing Campaign Effectiveness and Efficiency, Jupiter Research, a company that provides research and analysis on Internet and emerging consumer technologies, offers practical advice on optimizing the impact of your e-mail marketing campaign. Despite the increasing volume of e-mail messages both at home and at work, e-mail marketing still is generally effective, according to Jupiter. Seventy percent of consumers say they have taken action on some e-mail ads, while admitting that they delete

List Roundtable

Bruce Dulberg, CEO, HomeData Corp. There is a sometimes daunting level of unique terminology in our business. We have our own lingo, and the new list employee has to learn the acronyms and phrases in a hurry. Though a bit dated, I’d recommend reading Rose Harper’s book, “Mailing List Strategies” as a good start. It also helps to get to know the players and insiders in this game. Who are the shakers, as well as ‘fakers’ in their respective areas of expertise? Who is consistently getting high marks? The new employees can give themselves a great leg up by learning who’s who. Coming

Go Live to Boost Your Bottom Line

If your customer service department spends much of its time on customer inquiries and questions, as opposed to order-taking, it may be time to add an online help desk, especially if the inquiries are routine, or easily answered. Fortunately, adding an online chat feature is easier than you might think, says Arlen Robinson, chief operating officer of Omnistar Live, a 6-year-old Web solutions company based in Baltimore. Omnistar Live supplies software, training and personnel to companies interested in adding online live chat to their Web sites. Before you start shopping, “the first thing to evaluate is what you’re hoping to accomplish,” Robinson says. “If you

Hire New Employees With Your Clients In Mind

When you find yourself in the market for new employees, how you hire and who you hire can make or break your client base, and ultimately your business, according to Lee Kroll, president of Kroll Direct Marketing, a list management and brokerage firm based in Plainsboro, N.J. “Too many of us hire new employees without consideration for our clients,” Kroll says. “You have to ask yourself, ‘Will this person fit well into our work environment?’ and, “Will they be able to satisfy our clients’ needs right out of the gate?’ Remember, without your clients you don’t have a business, so when you hire a new