Caitlin Palmieri

Caitlin Palmieri
UPS Announces Rate Increase

UPS announced it would increase U.S. air and ground shipping and international shipping by 4.9 percent, starting on Dec. 26.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us, and Facebook IQ, a social data analytics platform, gift-wrapped five key areas for marketers to focus on. In the below infographic, 5 Ways to Unwrap Holiday 2015, Facebook IQ shares top tips on how brands can optimize their social media efforts during the holiday season. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Email Still Top Digital Marketing Channel

With the holiday season upon us, marketers need to know and be able to rely on their strongest channel for engaging customers and prospects. Direct IQ recently reported that email is preferred 70 percent of the time by consumers as their choice of communication between them and businesses/brands. Furthermore, a new infographic from Spring Engage, an engagement analytics company, highlights the effectiveness of email marketing. It also shares some staggering details about how engaged consumers are with marketing emails.

Dove Personalizes Marketing Messages With Emojis

Brands are moving beyond the banner ad and straight to emjois. In today's increasingly digital environment, 74 percent of people report using emojis daily, and 67 percent of all women and girls agree they can better express what they want to say with emojis than with words. Tech company Snaps figured out how to help brands capitalize on the trend.

Shopping on the Small Screen: How to Optimize Mobile

Mobile is the top digital channel of 2015. According to a new infographic from membership-based retailer DirectBuy, 29 percent of U.S. adults describe their smartphone as something they can't live without, 44 percent sleep with a smartphone by their bed to avoid missing notifications, and 67 percent check their smartphones for messages even without receiving some type of notification.

Facebook Continues E-Commerce Push With Shopping Tab

This week, Facebook quietly rolled out new e-commerce capabilities on the platform. Now when scrolling profiles, you'll be able to see a section filled with product listings entirely separate of the news feed. The shoppable lists are completely customized for users, depending on what their interests and likes are from past activity on Facebook. FastCompany reports that initially access will only be available to a small group of retailers.

The Influence of Influencers: How Bloggers Are Changing Brand Marketing

Content generation has been a hot topic in brand marketing recently. If you're not expanding your brand through content, it will likely fall behind. Big-box retailers such as Old Navy and Target are currently making content creation, influencers and stylists an integral part of their social media strategies.

What's the Mobile Marketing Blind Spot Costing You?

With growing consumer adoption of smartphones and increased usage of "click to call," consumers are creating a blind spot for marketers. The blind spot? Phone calls. DialogTech, formerly known as Ifbyphone, a call analytics and automation company, created the infographic below to help marketers navigate the rise of customer service phone calls, as well as offer tips to eliminate the blind spot in your mobile marketing attribution.

Coca-Cola Creates Emoji for Social Marketing Campaign

Coca-Cola is trying to cash in on the emoji craze. The soft drink brand has partnered with Twitter to test the effectiveness of the quirky pictograms in advertisements on the social network. 

The State of Social Media Marketing

Of all the marketing channels available today, social media continues to be a top choice for many brands. Despite the fact that organic reach has become increasingly difficult over the years, social media remains a very effective option for marketers. However, a lot has changed since social media was first introduced over a decade ago. Lots of new options are available for marketers. 

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Brand?

From Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram, your brand can reach new audiences many ways via social media. As you go through your marketing segmentation strategy, it's important to review who is your target customer and which social platform will best. Sprout Social, a social media software management company, shares how marketers can decipher their social customer base in the infographic below.

The What, When and Who of Successful Emails

There are three factors that can make or break your email marketing campaign: what you put in it, when you send it, and who markets it. Constant Contact, an email marketing analytics company, shares how marketers can improve their email programs in the infographic below.

Net-A-Porter Helping Luxury E-Commerce Thrive

This week, Net-a-Porter announced the launch of its mobile shopping app, The Net Set, to the public. The app was previously accessible by invite only. The Net Set, which is seamlessly accessible and fully shoppable, is a new type of mobile shopping. It enables luxury brands to engage in dialogue with Net-a-Porter's customers.

How Mobile is Impacting Back-to-School Shopping

It's that time of year again —  back to school. Around Labor Day, kids across the U.S. will start the school year with new notebooks, pencils and outfits. And a new report shows just how much mobile is influencing their purchase decisions.