3 Copywriting Tips for Writers!

I'm often asked for my favorite copywriting tips. Well, here are three, from a writer's perspective. Do your homework. I spend 80 percent of my time reading, doing research and preparing to write copy; 20 percent is spent actually writing. You need to know your product, brand and audience inside and out to write effective copy/content.

Five email mistakes ... and how to avoid them

As any direct marketing pro knows, email can be an affordable and increasingly targetable communications tool. What's more, it can give you answers to important marketing questions super fast.

Nine ways to write a better sales letter

The letter is the most important part of any direct mail package. Write a brilliant, compelling sales letter and your response rates can shoot up. Make a few thoughtless blunders and you're in deep trouble.

Surviving Publishing’s Cosmic Shift

The recession is only one factor to hit publishing with an uppercut to the chin. Add the gradual exodus of readers from newspapers and magazines to the more current (and for now) free internet. The brutal tug of war for diminishing advertising dollars. The lack of a sustainable profit model. Rising postal costs. The greening of America. And, well ... so much more!

How to Guarantee Direct Response Success

Some years ago, I bought a pair of charcoal gray Monsanto socks. On the sticky label that holds the socks together was a little guarantee written in tiny type below the company name. It informed me that if, at the end of a year, my socks had worn out, I could return them, along with the receipt, for a brand new pair.

Dissecting a Simple Winning Order Card

Glancing at the National Review order card shown at right, you might wonder: "How can this guy write a whole article about such a straightforward reply device?" But consider Apple's simple-looking iPod, which works well and does not at first reveal all the care that went into its making.

Part II: The Power of the Newsletter

In last month's edition of Inside Direct Mail, you read how a good promotional newsletter offers valuable, worthwhile information to its readers. This month you'll read pointers on choosing stories that interest those readers along with tips for writing headlines.

Part I: The Power of the Newsletter

When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. A lot of words (and money) are spent on brand, but few companies put out newsletters today.