Chris Foster

Chris Foster

Chris Foster has been teaching Brand Strategy and Positioning at UCSD Extension since 2009. He has lead professional workshops and presented at numerous San Diego Marketing Association events as well as national events for the Direct Marketing Association; been guest lecturer at SDSU Marketing Courses; and participated in numerous professional panels.

For the past 20 years he has worked in all aspects of marketing and creative direction for start-up, growing, and established business environments. He has a passion for helping any-sized business transform their brand so they can more authentically connect with their audience.

5 Actions in the “Age of Re-”

Brands in 2020 need to go back to their core customers, and remind their audience of their authentic values in the Age of “Re-“.

Crafting a Branding Plan in 3 Steps

Writing a branding plan can be like building a house: foundation, floorplans, decorations. Think of a house as an analogy for a brand.

5 Words to Describe a Brand

The best brands have clearly defined personalities that can be described in 5 words as to how they make their customers feel.