Brian Klais

Brian Klais
3 Ways App Deeplinks Will Redefine Your Results

Deeplinks matter. October 2014 data from comScore shows that 88 percent of mobile consumer time is spent inside mobile apps vs. 12 percent of time spent browsing the mobile Web. Statistics like these should give brand marketers pause—not because the "death of the mobile Web" is at hand, as some suggest. But rather, if digital campaigns do not adapt to this reality by targeting mobile app users with app content, campaign response rates are certain to fall short of their potential.

Adaptive Links Solve Mobile’s Cross-Platform Problem

In last year's fourth quarter, 50 percent of emails were consumed exclusively on mobile devices. In addition, Google announced at the recent Mobile World Congress that mobile search volume will eclipse desktop search volume within the next year. Meanwhile, new data shows that nearly 90 percent of smartphone internet time and 80 percent of tablet internet time is spent using apps rather than the web. So what steps can cross-platform marketers take to stop directing their mobile audience to the mobile web when most prefer an app experience?

6 New SEO Tips for Reaching Mobile Search Customers

Google estimates three out of four mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, including a store visit, phone call, purchase or word-of-mouth sharing. Google also reports 60 percent of mobile searchers look only at the first page of mobile search results. The following tips coupled with the use of free mobile diagnostic tools can serve as a helpful road map for improving mobile search visibility and engaging deeper with the growing set of consumers who are driving the mobile revolution: