Brendan O’kane

Brendan O’kane
4 Tips for Effective Holiday Mobile Campaigns

The 2013 holiday shopping season is here. For marketers, this Christmas in July-August-September-October period is Ground Zero for holiday campaign planning. This year, mobile marketing is integral to the experience.

Making the Case for A/B Testing, Optimization and Retargeting

How can you know which kinds of mobile marketing messages — and which individual message elements — will resonate with your audience? When it comes to learning what messages really speak to what individual customers want, one of the best tools out there is A/B testing, a long-established marketing research method that's now making inroads in mobile. By deploying different versions of one message to significant audience segments, A/B testing tells marketers exactly which messages are compelling customers to close the conversion loop.

How to Increase Mobile Engagement, Retention and ROI

In 2007, Apple started a revolution — not just in communications, but in marketing. The iPhone's launch turned mobile into the most talked-about marketing topic by making clear the limitless possibilities of "smart" mobile devices as channels for communication between brands and their customers.

How Analytics Can Boost Mobile Marketing Strategies

As mobile device adoption soars and the mobile web's capabilities grow, the analytics industry will be right there with them. Growing numbers of consumers are accessing the web primarily through their mobile devices, and brands will need a helping hand in making relevant offers delivered at just the right time.