Brendan Maher

Brendan Maher
Recycling The Logo Lowdown

Recycling is a big concept in the direct marketing industry. Consumers are calling out for more environmentally friendly practices and less waste, and marketers are obliging by testing recycled papers, smaller trim sizes, benign adhesives and poly-free envelopes, among other initiatives. One way to communicate all these efforts to the public is through the use of the American Forest and Paper Association's recycling logos. But user beware: It is imperative that these logos and claims be used in accordance with Federal Trade Commision guidelines, so that you do not deceive, mislead or otherwise misinform consumers. The recycling symbol can be used by itself

TM0301_Market Focus, Judaica (1,517 words)

Targeting this close-knit niche can be hard, but also rewarding By Brendan Maher As far as market share goes, Christmas is the clear winner over Hanukkah. Its popularity as a major marketing event isn't even matched by the Super Bowl (yet). At least one person tried to change that: "So, if it feels like you're the only kid on the block without a Christmas tree, here's a list of people that are Jewish just like you and me." Saturday Night Live's Adam Sandler may have been joking when he went on to list famous Jews from David Lee Roth to Mr. Spock in

CRM?Newtonian Marketing (577 words)

Edited by Brendan Maher Don't forget what you learned in high-school physics, implores Jerry Shereshewsky, the direct marketer who lists among his claims to fame the creation of Mello Yellow for the Coca-Cola Co. and making online promotional marketing company Yoyodine attractive enough to catch the attention of Yahoo!, which bought it. Among the inimitable laws every marketer should remember, are those of Sir Isaac Newton the 18th century physicist, astronomer, alchemist and theologian who turned the world upside down because he saw an apple fall to the ground. At the DMA 83rd Conference & Exhibition this past fall, Shereshewsky explained how Newton, a

Finding Content with Wireless Advertising (573 words)

by Brendan Maher The three Rs will be fundamental in driving advertising to personal wireless devices. Reaching the customer at, "the right time, the right place and in the right context," will not be a mere plus for the medium, it will be absolutely critical, according to Mats Eriksson, product business manager for Ericsson Mobile Internet Applications. "This is clearly a sexy route," says Chris Dennis, CEO of Mediatude, a U.K.- and Sweden-based company that, with Ericsson, conducted a pilot study to explore the viability of wireless advertising among more than 5,000 mobile phone users in Sweden. "With a mechanism attached to the

Internet?Pushing the Carts Through (355 words)

Edited by Brendan Maher saw a problem—too many ditched shopping carts. How did it bring down the number of abandoned carts by 32 percent and bring sales up an by an almost inconceivable 311 percent? By making the right offer (be it a percentage off or free shipping) at the right time (just before the cart gets abandoned), turned those carts into sales. With the help of Manna's personalization software, FrontMind, the data warehouse is accessed to determine the types of customers that are likely to abandon their carts. If, for instance, the customer fits a model that has a high

Printing?The Big Book with the Big Job (378 words)

Edited by Brendan Maher With a one-shot distribution of 56.8 million free-standing inserts in the Sunday paper, the Toys "R" Us Big Toy Book catalog took 85,000 pounds of glue, 11,000 tons of paper and five press sites running for 45 days to make. Pin the enormity of this task with an interactive cover featuring a die-cut cover and slide-out coupon, and the chance for mishap increases. The toy retailer's 25-year relationship with printer R.R. Donnelley & Sons ensured that the Big Book would go off without a hitch. "Toys 'R' Us was interested in doing a high-end interactive device for the cover of