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Chartis Uses a Shape Mailer to Lure Prospects In

The first goal for any direct mail campaign is to get noticed and opened ... and that's often the hardest part. There are any number of tactics marketers can use — big teasers, bright colors, fancy images. But insurance provider Chartis went a slightly different route with its latest control: a shape mailer featuring the image of a scuba diver.

Top Mailing: Zagat Now Wines as Well as Dines

You probably know Zagat as the leading source for restaurant critiques, but what you may not know is that Zagat actually has its roots in wine. Some 30 years ago, the Zagat Survey was born out of a wine-tasting group, and to mark its 30-year anniversary, Zagat recently launched a wine group — Zagat Wine.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know ... it's more than just a commercial slogan; it's a creed for direct mailers to live by, and a mantra that the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) displays in its latest marketing and sales courses campaign

2 Ways to Stand Out in Search Results

More and more, consumers head online to research and make purchases. And for many, the buying process begins in the search engines. Rather than going directly to, say, an insurance company's Web site, the consumer instead searches for “car insurance” and looks at the search results. “In today’s day and age, the average person doesn’t type into the address field to find the site they’re looking for,” says Charles Chehebar, founder and CEO of Web site verification seal provider SealCOS. “They’ll rather search for it and go from there, to avoid having a typo or mistyped term in there.”

7 E-mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Virtually every marketer uses e-mail, but not everyone uses it well. In fact, there are several common mistakes marketers make in their e-mail communications, and in its white paper, Top 20 Mistakes Made by Email Marketers and How You Can Avoid Them this Holiday Season, e-mail marketing solutions provider Listrak tackles ways to combat these mistakes.

Enhance SEO and Customer Relationships via Photo Networks

Photo networks such as Flickr and Picasa are wildly popular among Internet users, and as you already know, it’s important to be where your customers are. That has never been more evident than today, with the rise of social media use among marketers emphasizing that point.

Direct Mail Spotlight: AFAR Magazine

One of the best things a direct mailer can do to help craft the most effective direct mail campaign is give the copywriter a sample of the product so said copywriter can personally study it and understand its benefits. But what if you have no samples to offer?

4 Principles to Personalize the Online Experience

It’s vital to gather as much pertinent information on your customers as you can—search history, e-mail history, browsing behavior, purchases and offline activity—to build the richest possible customer profiles. In its guide, Five Guiding Principles for Creating a Tailored Online Experience, Web analytics and marketing optimization firm Coremetrics lays out data-driven tactics to provide the optimum online experience.

8 Steps to Lead Management Success

No leads are more valuable than the ones you already have in your database. In its white paper, Action Guide to Lead Management Success, Indianapolis-based integrated, on-demand marketing automation software and database marketing services firm Right On Interactive offers steps to send higher-quality leads to the sales team, nurture leads that have the potential for future purchases and recycle inactive sales leads.

The Power of Advergaming

Advergaming has been around for years, but it’s never been more popular than right now—and for good reason. More and more, consumers congregate online for shopping, research and entertainment purposes. While tactics such as banner ads provide an opportunity to target online, they fail to engage consumers the way advergames can.

A Pre-emptive Strike

From time to time, companies must adapt and evolve to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace. Sometimes that means entering a new platform such as social media, and other times it means reinventing oneself.

Partners in Change

There's a common thread many nonprofit organizations share when it comes to direct mail fundraising appeals—they can fall into the trap of hyping up all the great things their organizations do instead of discussing all the ways the donors help.

3 Tactics to Improve Customer Response

Everyone’s heard the saying, “The customer’s always right,” and that has never been more true than today. The freedom the Internet has brought to consumers—search, social media, etc.—allows them to dictate their own shopping experiences. That means it’s vital for marketers to gain trust and build relationships in their communications if they have any hope of nabbing sales.

How to Work Out Mutually Beneficial Insert Media Partnerships

Insert media partnerships offer direct marketers great opportunities to engage other brands’ active, dedicated customers. The trick is to find the right partners to form a mutually beneficial bond for both parties. Here, Michael Feldstein, director of alternate media for Stamford, Conn.-based publisher Boardroom Inc., maps out how to go about finding mutually beneficial insert media partnerships, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and provides examples that have worked for Boardroom.

Moving With the Times

One of the greatest advantages of the printed newspaper is its portability factor-you can take your newspaper with you wherever you go. But what if you're out of town and want all the amenities of the physical paper, however the locale you're inhabiting at that moment doesn't carry your hometown paper? What then?